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Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court!

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  • Lawsuit Filed in Federal Court!

    Okay, this is getting real.
    GH, you gotta see this - there's medical terminology I don't understand ("cycles" when it talks about the COVID testing).
    I uploaded it to my Google Drive so I hope y'all can open it okay.

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    Covid testing is such a scam!!! I've read that they blow up a tiny sample SO much that they say they can tell of someone with covid sneezed one hundred yards downwind of you!!! They are calling everything covid when its really not...
    Hardly anyone died from any of the top five killers last year...instead they all died of covid! Most spectacularly, I read that according to the CDC no one had the usual flu last year!!!
    insane... fake...


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      The tests is only part of this lawsuit - this is really good.
      Epoch Times featured this story and had a great summary of the lawsuit but - copywrite protected.


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        Brother Andy, when I click the link it says "access denied." I clicked the box for request permission and got a message saying I'd receive an email if it was permitted. Sigh.


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          Shoot - please try again, GH (anyone).
          I had restrictions too tight on the file.
          It's the full, 67-page filing that was submitted to the Federal Court - really is good to see this happening, even if it doesn't go anywhere.
          Hopefully, people are taking notice.


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            I wanted to find out who were the doctors.

            The group 'America's Frontline Doctors'

            Deleted and reposted as I just noticed the first post was all in bold. Sorry.


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              I first found out about them when I saw an eye-opening video by Dr. Gold...someone who, despite being persecuted by her colleagues, has stood by her values.
              Pretty amazing lady.



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                Brother Andy I was able to open it on this try. All I can say is WOW! I read all 67 pages of it. It is a brilliant well laid out photograph of everything that is wrong with the vaccines from legal process down to ineffectiveness and dangerous potentials over the long term. Every nightmare I've read about for over a year perfectly laid out with supporting evidence. Perfectly lays out why this is NOT a vaccine and has never been one. I loved the chart on the psychological study which may have frightened me the most....that it lines up in every single way with the Korean study just blows my mind. If this entire scenario is not about "power and control of the masses" with some population control as side effects down the road, I'll be a monkey's uncle (or aunt) as my folks used to say.
                I downloaded the lawsuit for future reference because google might try to "disappear" it. What the take away for every lay person should be is this: You have been lied to and manipulated by both American and international "health" "authorities" on purpose. Your chances of dying from Covid 19 are still somewhere between 1 and 2% in a worse case scenario. No medical reason to give this vaccine when there are other treatments that have been proven effective with good studies backing that up. Cheap and effective, no money in it for the drug companies. The Government is Not your Friend.


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                  Just getting started on this .. thank you Andy. Page 5 on PCR tests: I knew that they were highly suspect and that the inventor says not to diagnose a disease with it .. but they do! .. but I did not know that even Fauci said as such in the quoted paragraph in the middle of page 5.

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