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Silly Hubble, astronomers

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  • Silly Hubble, astronomers

    Silly Hubble; astronomers
    Yes, not the famous telescope, but the astronomer who cheated his way to fame and cult status… Most of us have heard about the “Hubble red shift" !!!
    Basically, Hubble insisted that if the color of the light coming from a distant star was shifted to the red end of the light spectrum, that meant that the star was moving away from us.. the redder it was, the faster it was going… So because Hubble wanted to make a name for himself, he cherry picked a dozen very distant red shift objects that likely seemed to support his theory..
    The issue, however is that there is a huge catalogue of “nearby” objects that also have the same red shift these supposedly distant Hubble Constant objects…Which every astronomer knew about… However, like Silly Darwin, this is what scientists WANTED to believe, and so they all pretended that Hubble was right, building huge science sandcastles around Hubble’s deception… Anyone questioning this deception is of course immediately denounced as a heretic, and driven out of the science profession, burned at the stake…

    The Hubble Constant
    Since the light from nearby variable stars seems a constant value, astronomers used them to tell how far away other galaxies "are"!!! The obvious issues here is that there is a lot of dust between galaxies and measuring light accurately from one star in a distant galaxy???

    creating our solar system...
    Next, we will show the sillyness of how astronomers say our solar system was formed J First, they say that there “just happened” to be a gas and dust cloud here…Likely supernova remnant? ((forgetting –of course— that these remnants endlessly expand into nothingness! )
    Anyway, they then tell you that a nearby nova compressed this gas into rocks that attracted each other, making planets!!!
    They willing forget, however, that an explosive wave front disperses whatever it collides with… If you plant a stack of rocks next to a few pounds of dynamite, are you going to find the neatly stacked pile of rocks a hundred yards away? Of course not! The rocks are going to be scattered all over the place… But people willingly believe this trash!!!
    Boyle’s law of gasses… If you try to compress gas, it heats up and expands!!! Once again showing the sillyness of an explosion forming the solar system!!!
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    Mankind WANTS to believe the lies fed to him - this is why he is, "Without excuse".
    I'll not soon forget the debate between Dr. Ken Ham and that "science guy" (his name escapes me atm). Dr. Ham's arguments were incredibly powerful and delivered with such calm, grace-filled - even love and concern for his "opponent" (we know who the real opponent is and it's not in human flesh).
    It was a valuable exercise for me to watch as I really saw how this poor, blind soul just wanted to be blind.

    John 3:19 And this is the condemnation, that light is come into the world, and men loved darkness rather than light, because their deeds were evil.
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