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China Has EMP Strike Capability

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  • China Has EMP Strike Capability
    A Moment Gone Is Lost Forever
    A Moment In Prayer Will Last Forever

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    so does every other nuclear power... experience from the 1950's is that serious effects would be felt from 1000 miles away from the blast of a 50 MT blast


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      Same thought went through my mind, brother Lewis.
      Detonate that nuke higher in the atmosphere and it's an EMP "bomb".
      Lower to ground and it's a strategic nuclear strike that wipes out everything it touches.
      We know from scripture this isn't going to happen - at least not for quite some time.
      Right now, America leads the world in technological advances and the world government/Beast will need high-tech to do his dirtiest work.
      Given that "EVERY" man, woman and child won't be able to buy/sell, I'm quite sure an EMP attack will never happen.