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It is obvious to me that Biden Harris are not running the show..

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  • It is obvious to me that Biden Harris are not running the show..

    We keep running into things that the far Left would not do.... suggesting that the world elite are in fact blatently running things.... bombing Syria the latest... going ahead with the mideast Suni Nato Israel / Saudi Arabia and friends....and turning their backs on Iran...
    All totally contrary to that the radical liberals want...

    Its also obvious that maybe half the liberals who voted for Biden are having buyers remorse...

    I even saw where the most important anti Israel BDS (boycot divest sanction) group have joined Iran, of all things!!!

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    Many say it is Obama’s 3rd term...the Wizard of DC behind the curtain


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      Right, then you have to ask: who is behind Obama??
      Eventually, it gets to a "principality" that is straight from the powers of darkness.
      Will be interesting, one day, to see that 'hierarchy'.


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        We wrestle not against flesh, but powers and principalities...


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          Exactly, sister Sue!
          I know I quickly forget that and I think of such folks as the Clintons, Obamas, "leftists, liberals", etc. as being the enemy...they are NOT.
          They are blind souls, just like I was BC.
          But for the grace of God, there go I.