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Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

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  • Conjunction of Jupiter and Saturn

    For those who like to look at the night sky, Jupiter and Saturn will be extremely close together on December 21, less than 1/5 the diameter of the moon. Quite a sight to behold.

    Source Here.
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    according to the star chart the planets will be closest to the moon on the evening of the 16th... with very little or no moon...the exact conjunction (closest approach) of the planets will be 5 days later... those several days should be quite an astronomy show for the amateur... sadly, my 8 inch f5.4 Dobsonian scope will be in its closet... I can't do the extreme cold on mountain tops any more...
    yes, those planets make quite a show... I remember the first time I saw Saturn in my scope...and my 1st pair of galaxies!! Awesome
    i always liked splitting double stars (stars that orbit each other)...... The North star Polaris is a double star!!! Both the Big Dipper and Cassiopea have double stars...


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      I used to belong to an astronomy club and I remember the first time out with them, some amazing telescopes these folks had. Gives new meaning to The heavens declare the glory of God. Yes Lewisb seeing galaxies and gas giants etc. is mind blowing and for me a worshipful experience. Sadly I moved and I don't have that available to me anymore.


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        There are astronomy clubs in every county.... You should consider looking for one... I also reccomend that a varible zoom rifle range scope zooms from 12X to 45X or even 60X makes a nice beginners scope that fits on any camera tripod... Telescope stores have a special mounting adaptor for them for easier use...
        NEVER ever buy a cheap astronomy telescope from walmart, etc as they are impossible to use due to their so narrow field of view and wretched impossible to use wobbling pointing star finding viewer... often you can't even find the moon much less anything else with them...


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          Thanks for the advice Lewisb. Buying anything beyond groceries for me right now is not on the table. But the rifle scope is an excellent idea!