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Amir, Barry, Jan and Mike discuss 'The Great Reset'

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  • Amir, Barry, Jan and Mike discuss 'The Great Reset'

    I think this may deserve a thread of it's own.

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    Starting at minute 11, John Hopkins says there has been no increase in the death rate ((number of people who die every year)) because of the ChinaVirus!!! This report is saying that virtually everyone that did die of the ChinaVirus this year would have died this year of illness anyway !!!

    also everyone go to (world economic forum) ....


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      What can be said here?
      "Wow" just doesn't cut it.


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        Mostly totally contradictory ...illusion and delusion ...
        as far as Mars goes, the transportation of stuff needed for a colony and cost would be insane...
        especially with the hungry masses to feed here... and the politicians pandering to them to stay in power...
        colonizing the moon and mars would need to deal with the deadly toxic and corrosive dust...

        the elimination of fossil fuels would make growing and distribution of food impossible, which would impliment population reduction by famine a reality....which is the planned end game... with total control of communication no one would know except those starving...


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          The entire "reset" plan is a delusion.
          Typical - man thinking he can create utopia all by himself cuz, don't 'cha know, man is the ultimate mind in all of the universe.