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Trump to announce Bahrain next..look at paragraph 3 of tweet

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    Arab NATO is still moving forward?
    IDF seeking increased military cooperation with Gulf states under CENTCOM

    “I don’t want to overestimate the speed that this will happen – it’s going to take some time to occur – but it does make it a little easier for them to work together, and I think that is all a good thing,” McKenzie was quoted as saying. “In the future, we would like to see –and you know, for many years it has been an aspiration in US Central Command – a collective approach to security here in the region.”
    IDF seeking increased military cooperation with Gulf states under CENTCOM - The Jerusalem Post (


    Trump to unveil plans for "Arab Nato" in Saudi Arabia - Millennium Weekend Ministries

    and of course still moving forward with

    United States drawing down troop numbers in Middle East

    United States Drawing Down Troop Numbers In Middle East - I24news

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      Frankly the concept of a NATO style organization in the Middle East is pretty brilliant in my opinion. Radical Islam is a threat not just to Israel but every other Islamic nation because of Iran. Iran being Shiite Muslim considers all other forms of Islam to be false and in error.

      However I am editing this response to include this article from Jihad Watch that states that Islam is in major decline in Iran. They quote Iranians as saying that Ayatollah Khomeini was the greatest evangelist for Christianity in history because of his despotic rule.
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        Hi GH
        What I find interesting about an Arab NATO is the fact the goal is for them to take care of themselves. The withdrawal of foreign troops, including American.


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          SAT that doesn't bother me at all. I think we have enough problems in our own backyard right now that being the policeman for the world shouldn't be a priority. Israel has the most powerful military in the middle east. The Abraham Accords are a great thing because we've also supplied and trained other non crazy Arabic nations with decent militaries now. Ultimately, in my view, God's timetable is his alone. We cannot stop what will happen or when.