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Lebanon: Resignation of Govenment

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  • Lebanon: Resignation of Govenment

    Lebanese Prime Minister announces resignation
    of government

    A demonstrator waves the Lebanese flag in front of riot
    police during a protest in Beirut, August 8, 2020 (Reuters)

    “Today we follow the will of the people in their
    demand to hold accountable those responsible
    for the disaster that has been in hiding for
    seven years, and their desire for real change."

    Lebanon's prime minister, Diab, announced the
    government's resignation on Monday, saying
    a huge explosion that devastated Beirut and
    triggered public outrage was the result of
    endemic corruption.

    President Michel Aoun accepted the resignation
    and asked Diab's government - formed in
    January with the backing of Iran's powerful
    Hezbollah group and its allies - to stay as a
    caretaker until a new cabinet is formed, a
    televised announcement said.

    For many ordinary Lebanese, the explosion
    was the last straw in a protracted crisis over
    the collapse of the economy, corruption,
    waste and dysfunctional governance, and they
    have taken to the streets demanding root-and-
    branch change.

    "The entire regime needs to change. It will make
    no difference if there is a new government,"
    Joe Haddad, a Beirut engineer, told Reuters.
    "We need quick elections."

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    that is the problem with a British Parlimentory has no stability whatsoever, totally bowing to the pressure of the mob can fall at any time....
    Which is why our founders created a Republic, NOT a democracy, where the government can govern despite the mobs momentary passions...
    where something can be done--usually, anyway

    Lebanon needs to borrow Trump for a few weeks to kick the Hesbullies outa town !!!


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      So, the government resigns and now just Hezbollah are the only ones in charge?
      Guess I don't understand what this means.