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Christianity in Zimbabwe

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  • Christianity in Zimbabwe

    This is what Christianity
    looks like in Zimbabwe

    by Hannah Wheeler

    Last month, I was blessed with the
    task of documenting our time in
    Zimbabwe through journaling.

    Although I only spent one week in
    Zimbabwe, seven days have never
    impacted me in the way Africa has.
    My heart for God has been positively
    altered by the Christian lives in

    Fellowship naturally flows from the
    Christians in Zimbabwe in a way I have
    never seen, and they desperately seek
    all people to participate in their time

    Fellowship is not an afterthought, it
    is a priority above most else, and the
    Zimbabwean culture reflects God’s
    original plan for fellowship. My task-
    oriented mind travelled with me to
    Zimbabwe, but the Christians there
    taught me to leave such a mind behind.

    Exiting church on Sunday morning
    was not synonymous to leaving the
    state of worship; all throughout the
    week, singing was the filler of silence.
    From seminars to “tea time,” there was
    singing. From free time to meals, there
    was singing. If there was extra time,
    there was singing. Ceaseless worship to
    God flooded my ears every day, and it
    changed me.

    Life is not easy in Zimbabwe, and I will
    admit I do not personally understand the
    struggles they deal with each day.
    Technology, electricity, water, housing,
    economy, health—none of these elements
    are guaranteed in their living, yet the
    people I saw in Zimbabwe responded
    with unified worship proclaiming,
    God is good!”

    “This trip to Zimbabwe has called me
    out of my zone of comfort. I pray I will
    continue to walk through ‘doors’ leading
    out of my comfort zone and into being a
    disciple for Christ.”

    God is being glorified in Zimbabwe! We
    need to thank God for the beautiful people
    worshiping him in diverse cultures.

    [Hannah Wheeler is an editor and reporter
    for Lancaster Bible College’s only campus

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    Thanks for the update; it is so encouraging here in the U.S. to keep me moving even when there doesn't seem to be much desire to help reach the lost or worship God here, that there are still places where it is cmmon.
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