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Trump retreat from Middle East gives green light for the Gog Magog war

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  • Trump retreat from Middle East gives green light for the Gog Magog war

    yes and this is why America is not in Bible prophecy
    Trump could not start a war with Iran because the democrats would vote to impeach him if he did...All playing right into the hands of the Russial Iran Turkey axis of evil...I think that future history will look upon this choice along with / just like the 1930s appeasment and Chamberlin's 1938 White Paper for ""peace in our time"" Peace and safety leading to the rapture and holocaust...

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    Except we have this pesky verse that gives 5 descriptive phrases to paint a picture of unprecidented peace in Israel and they are a LONG way away from that.
    Sorry, brother, I see so many people trying to fit scripture in to this and it just does not fit...not yet. We have a long way to go - at the very least, Isaiah 17 - who knows what other wars between now and Ez 38 We know that not all wars are prophecied in scripture.


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      Thank you, Ross - he addresses this nicely.


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        Thing is that Amir points out that Israelis feel safe, that their towns and cities don't have walls... The walls are on Israels borders...I think he would know? !!
        I also point out that the Psalm 83 wars have already happened in 48, 56, 67 &73 !! Done already!
        imho the rapture and the Gog war has to happen wiping out Israels enemies before the AC's covenant with many, before the tribulation can begin !!! and before the temple can be rebuilt!!


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          Much as I love/respect Amir I believe he's 100% wrong about this.
          Just because the common folks feel safe doesn't mean their military can stand down...quite the opposite. The "land that is at peace" is a strong phrase in that verse. Plus, as Ross said they have more walls now than ever before (back to 1948). How can you say, "Without walls" and look at Israel now?

          We all have a tendency to want to interpret scripture to fit events instead of letting events fulfill scripture. WHEN this happens, I believe it will not be an ambiguous, have-to-stretch-it-a-bit fulfilment - it will be a perfect fulfillment.