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California govt insanity increasing exponentially turning off ALL our power IF...

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  • California govt insanity increasing exponentially turning off ALL our power IF...

    Coming to a coo-coo zone near you !!!!
    Just now, state power has decided to turn off everyones power when a Santa Anna begins ! lasting for days! no utilities at all for anyone!!!
    supposedly to prevent wild fires! but what about people like me who would die of heat stroke with no cool zone to go to???
    what about millions of others???
    The End Is Near !!!

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    Yes, it is real!!!
    Letter back from mystate assembly boobah rep office...yes, ALL the power is or will be shut down throughout our East Back country
    mountains with all the yummey chaparal that migrated here 100 years ago due to the efforts of the then insane do-gooders who wanted to stop mudslides and give the pesky buggies someplace to live...

    Good afternoon,

    I wanted to follow up with you regarding your concerns with power outages due to the fire. Currently PG&E are scheduled to have power shut off in certain cities, the full list can be found here:

    SDG&E may have power outages in the following areas: Affected Communities (28,701 Customers*)

    Banner Grade



    East Alpine

    East Ramona



    Mesa Grande

    Mt Laguna

    Palomar Mountain

    Pine Valley


    Rancho Santa Fe


    Santa Ysabel

    Valley Center


    West Valley Center


    They will have centers open throughout the affected communities to assist with necessary charging, air conditioning, and information needs. I will extend your concerns to the Assemblywoman as well. I hope this information is of assistance.


    Lucas Cruz

    Field Representative

    Assemblywoman Lorena Gonzalez

    Representing California’s 80th District

    Office | 619.338.8090

    Fax | 619.338.8099


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      I saw this last night, one similar, a few hours before midnight California time.

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