End of WeDG

Hi all,
Due to well over two years of a clear lack of interest in this board, I will be closing it when the hosting is up next month (24 Aug). I see no reason to continue this with the lack of readership and participation.

It's been a wonderful 27+ years, with tons of ups and downs, but with all the excellent resources available to us online via Telegram, YouTube and other platforms - we've outgrown our purpose. I do not believe any huge modification/improvements to the site would help, plus that has always been way beyond my knowledge/skill set.

Y'all know how to reach me.
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Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

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    Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

    series 4400
    I have an a feeling of unease, disquiet about this series... cannot watch it...
    I like Star trek, sci-fi in general, they were horse operas morality plays ; good vrs bad...
    instead of riding a horse, Captain Kirk rode a starship ... and had a shootout at the OK corral about every episode...

    I could not watch Voyager, it had very New Age undertones...

    so, no -I don't recommend series 4400


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      Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

      awesome sailing in the big schooner race today almost all the local schooners were there .... a really cute (about) 80ft classic gaff schooner named "Amazing Grace" was there... And the "America" schooner replica... the cup boat "stars and stripes" was also there ... an awesome event with our first real charter group... 70 people including the ships dog "Mimi Valentine".... we were the biggest boat 136ft overall and came in last place as we --only occasionally--had about 15 knots of wind
      our best speed for the day was 9.4 knots briefly beating to weather off Point Loma... the only place we got decent wind....


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        Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

        Maybe I should put this here...

        Want to embed video's from YouTube onto WeDG?
        See if this helps - and someone please tell me if the links all work.

        Okay, posters, I'm going to try this and hope it works.

        So, let's say you want to embed The War On Humans which is at URL

        So please look and find "About, Share" and "Add To"

        Click "Share"

        And you should see this: (don't worry about the Start will be 0:00 when you do it. I'm partway through watching it to that's why it says 13:47)

        Now, click "Embed". It should look similar to this: (you may have different boxes checked than this - no biggie)

        For WeDG I am asking that you check and uncheck boxes until it looks like this:

        Now just copy and paste the data in this box to here.

        I'm going to "break" the code so it doesn't actually embed the video. All I did was remove the first and last brackets < before iframe and > after /iframe at the end.

        iframe width="560" height="315" src="//" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen>
        This is how you embed a video - hope this helps!


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          Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

          yah..., umm..., I'll just let you do it!


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            Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

            Went to see the Beach Boys tonight in concert. It was a birthday gift for my husband from our girls. I must say listening to how talented they still are is amazing. Of course the only original left was Mike Love but they have filled in nicely with other talent and have not lost their sound. I am surprised on how clean the music is , not pure, but definitely something you can listen to and sing along with. They had lots of old footage they showed of the original guys and from the surfing scene. Everyone had clothes on albeit the girls were in bikinis but they covered a lot more than today! They showed vintage cars that went along with the song sung about that model. We enjoyed it. That time then right before the hippies and "free love" era was filled with good memories for us.


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              Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

              Originally posted by Denise View Post
              yah..., umm..., I'll just let you do it!
              Did you look at/click the screenshots?
              I realize I'm a "Geek" but I've trained to all levels of technical knowledge including those that have none and I am very sure embedding YT video's here is on the easier side of the scale of difficulty.


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                Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                Ah,,,,, Andy,,, Do you have any idea where I could "rent" a fourth grader???

                its all Greek to me


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                  Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                  One missing fish!!!
                  So, I go ocean fishing off Point Loma yesterday...$34 for the half day boat... in deep water no one caught anything...
                  the last two hours we fished the inshore kelp beds and we caught some small fish in the 2 pound range...
                  I caught two nice fish... and sent another back home to grow up!!! The deckhands put the fish in our bags for us...
                  At the end of the day, I found that he had put one of my nice fish in someone elses bag !!!
                  So i took home only one nice fish and a very small one from ??? !!! Made a very nice dinner last night
                  slow fry with the skin on, just a little breading...


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                    Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                    So Andy, I decided to try out your new direction on embedding a youtube video.

                    When I go to a video I'd like to share here and click on "share" I get a "http" shown but it doesn't say "prntscr"

                    This is what I got when I clicked on the "share" button:


                    Yah, this is too hard for me, lol


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                      Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                      I'm not Andy, but after you click on share, look above the link you copied, you'll see the words share this video, embed, and email, click on embed and copy the code.
                      Last edited by Debbie W.; 04-16-2014, 10:55 AM.


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                        Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                        My Freestone Peaches are RIPE !!! Just Noticed !!! anyone got a Cobbler recipe ?
                        now I have to eat them, share them, try to keep Pepe Le-Phew out of my yard...

                        its Fruit-mageddon time again!!!


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                          Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                          Right now we are not doing much work on our Schooner Bill of Rights...
                          So, being board with nothing to do (poor me ) Have started helping with another schooner.
                          Our group has been rebuilding the schooner

                          SWIFT OF IPSWICH ... She was totally gutted inside, , much hull planking replaced. The Bow rebuilt, will be getting a new bowsprint... She is still mostly just a shell.
                          The original solid wood masts will be replaced with hollow wood masts our people will be making... Blame the Govt there... they insisted !!!!!!!!

                          Serving as actor James Cagney's private yacht for a number of years, the Swift of Ipswich was built in 1938 as a replica of a 1787 schooner. A fast boat, the Swift has served southern California youth since joining the LAMI fleet in 1991. Plans for funding the restoration of this classic vessel are now moving ahead.

                          Sparred Length: 86 feet... likely about 70 feet on deck... Quite a bit smaller than the Bill of Rights which in 96 feet on deck..
                          Class: B
                          Type: Schooner
                          Draft: 9 feet
                          Tonnage: 46
                          Rig Height: 74 feet
                          Web Site:

                          Now on the lighter side, the neighbor who has the barking dog I complained about... seems after cleaning the dogs cage, he has been throwing the mess up onto my backyard sheds roof and my awning !!! eithor that or maybe now dogs, like pigs, can fly...


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                            Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                            Oh Good Grief !!!
                            Next weekend is our annual mens retreat in the San Diego mountians--- and the weather people are predicting a Santa-Ana !!! high winds and maybe up to 104 degree temps !!!
                            Now the other forecasters say only 84 which is lots better, but still uncomfortable at 5000 feet with that piercing UV
                            and as much as 40 mph gusts frying you in a minute or so...

                            I know, Waaa Waaa But we only do this once a year, praying for good conditions...

                            Also pray for our heroic fire fighters that they will not have another wild fire to fight here at the heighth of the Santa-Ana...
                            that heat would also spoil the lake fishing which I am really looking forward to...


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                              Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                              Oh my goodness! I had no idea this thread existed!

                              Lewis, I loved the pictures of your schooner races. I do have a soft spot for them. Goodness, we only draft 4.4 feet with a 11.5 foot beam, and 16,000 lbs. Our rig (the main) is 45 feet high. PlumBob always has it in his head that I need to be the one who climbs the Speaking of, PB is working on Whimsy right now. He's putting in a new holding tank and head. I'm here at home, enjoying our nice weather. I stay far, far away from stinky jobs. But ole PB is having the time of his life. We'll probably be launching Whimsy some time in June.

                              It's so wonderful to have this little place to yak. It's great to see y'all again.


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                                Re: Family Room - General Fellowship Thread

                                Sorry, double post.