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  • It went well, Wednsday night
    thankfully the Holy Spirit interceeded for us all and the transfer of authority to Brother Angel went well.. it was emotional,,, but calm...
    Brother Angel is somewhat apprehensive, humbly so...He is on fire for Jesus, I expect good things from him...
    We really covet your prayers .


    • Thx for the report, Lewis. Praying Brother Angel has the Lord’s blessings upon his new position and your church will be richly blessed to fulfill your role in the Great Commission!
      Simon Peter answered him,"Lord, to whom shall we go? You have the words of eternal life." John 6:68

      ><> YSIC, Sue C <><


      • We are now halfway through the 15 lessons on basic Bible doctrine on my wednesday nite Bible study... Our former Pastor Peter wrote them origionally for his prison ministry... Now improved, a must study for those interested in basic doctrine..., see all the lessons uploaded on facebook "Bible believers Baptist church of Imperial Beach"


        • Good news and on the light side
          First we were out witnessing tracting at the nearby mall Sunday afternoon before church at my trailer home.... Brother angel was wearing our signs "I'm a fool for Jesus" And the reverse board says "who"s fool are you?" WELLL, the first lady he talked too was a believer and very happt to see us! Bro angel said how we had just lost our church building, then she offered her garage for our church services!!!

          Next, I just got a 5 gallon yellow Hibiscus so I now have an almost Red White and blue hibiscus !!!plants in my front yard... and one 4ft tall multicolored one that is bareroot that is just leafing... my four tiny ones (2 bareroot) are budding growing... I have a microclimate where they can keep their leaves all year round... My large pink/red flowered better mid winter than in summer!!!

          finally, the first helecopter flight on Mars !!!
          now, they need to take a powered derigible balloon to Mars !!!

          and especially to Jupiter !!!
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          • Thought I would share one of the great ballards of yesteryear ...Relating both to a faithful lover and Jesus.