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Joel Osteen Rebukes Apostles, Paul, Peter, John etc!

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    Re: Joel Osteen Rebukes Apostles, Paul, Peter, John etc!

    Originally posted by GH
    ... the word IF is only two letters it is actually a huge word.
    Yes .. it can be ..


    These clips are Joel himself speaking .. and show why so many get confused by his message. He does not speak plainly and maybe even, not consistently. Some 'teachers' today, need to pick a stance and stick to it. Right or wrong, at least folks would know where they stand.

    That clip ended with him saying he doesn't see "gay" as ok by scripture. There are lots of clips available where he is clearly against homosexuality. Bravo.

    But in another, he claims that there are plenty of homosexuals in his assembly and that if two of them were to "marry", he'd attend if invited. Attending a wedding, is an outward show of approval. Respect? Sure, I suppose, but it is not "nice" to leave someone without the gospel and then when they die ... what do you say about their eternal suffering and separation from the Almighty God? oops? What in the world does "for everybody" mean?

    Pretty good up to ~3:20 .. but then ...

    Any sinner should feel conviction in the presence of the gospel.

    I don't know ... I guess I just feel that as a believer, my intent and hope is to lead others to Christ. There is none that are so despicable in their sinfulness that they cannot be touched by the Word of God. But they won't be as long as someone that has knowledge of the gospel spends their time going .. wellllll ... ummm .... sorta .. kinda .. maybe. Just get the truth out!

    At the end of September, I will be a part of a team that is going into a part of Detroit that LITERALLY looks like images you'd see on the news of war torn cities. It is a part of the city where often, even the police won't go. We will be sharing the gospel, first .. and food, listening, understanding ... but we will not be accepting sin. Two friends felt led of the Spirit to leave a wonderful house in a very beautiful state, to be in Detroit .. one of the worse areas of it .. and start a church. (please pray for us) We have high hopes as we've all seen just how amazing and transforming, the gospel is. But for it to transform, it must be clear.


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    The church is on Earth to save souls from a lost world, not to save the world from lost souls.

    Man learns about history, not from history. To learn from history requires wisdom. Cut off from God, he has none, so history repeats; no new thing under the sun.

    I saw ten thousand talkers whose tongues were all broken - dylan

    Psalms 122:8 For my brethren and companions' sakes, I will now say, Peace be within thee.


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      Re: Joel Osteen Rebukes Apostles, Paul, Peter, John etc!

      Issachar praying for you and for the others that are starting the church. May God's glory be shining as bright as the sun on the streets where you preach!As for Joel he has said plenty in his own words to know he preaches a different gospel. I fear for him. His accountability before The Lord will be enormous. I pray that he encounters the True and Living God and comes home. He would be welcomed with open arms and the angels would shout for joy. I do have a question about the idea of all sins being equal, but I will start another thread for that. One thing I do think about Joel is that he is sincere in what he says but he is guy who doesn't want to step on anybody's toes. The Sciptures are clear that the gospel will cause derision even to the dividing of families. So what good does it do to appease and thereby chance the people you preach to, to lose their souls. I imagine that more than a few people will be shocked beyond belief when their sincerity and inclusion of all will not grant them access to heaven. I pray with all my heart that the Holy Spirit convict and woo them to The Lord Jesus Christ and that they have their eyes opened and live in His grace, amen.
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