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Andy I'm so frustrated 😥

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  • Andy I'm so frustrated 😥

    I'm not sure why I can't figure anything out but I can't change my wedg profile picture nor can I post any under the new system. It won't accept any from my camera roll like it did before the change. Something about a jpg or something of which I do not understand. Could it be I just won't be able to do from my phone?

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    Hi JackiJ ... I've had simular problems with pictures for my web sites... thing is web sites will only take pictures with either .JPG or .Jpeg suffexes... many even most phones and some camera settings have other suffixes which are incompatible with the web... There are programs that can change these but its far easier to set your camera to take .jpg pictures...


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      Here are a series of videos - some of this has to do with setting up the site but there appears to be some good, "How To" vid's, too. I hope this is helpful.


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        Thank you


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          Andy, I sent you a message back in June and haven't gotten a response, so I am wondering if the message center is working??