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On Temple Mount, police chief says exceptional attack of international significance

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  • On Temple Mount, police chief says exceptional attack of international significance

    Zechariah 12:3

    And in that day will I make Jerusalem a burdensome stone for all people: all that burden themselves with it shall be cut in pieces, though all the people of the earth be gathered together against it.

    This is an exceptional and extreme incident, Alsheich said shortly after touring the holy site. The shooting on the Temple Mount is a serious, sensitive and significant event on the political and international level and will be dealt with accordingly.

    Israeli PM after Temple Mt terror: The status quo remains

    Following consultation with ministers after the terrorist attack on Temple Mount on Friday, Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu Office issued a statement confirming that the status quo (at the holy places) will be preserved.

    Palestinian leaders call on Muslims to defy Israel and pray at Al Aqsa

    The Palestinian Authority Mufti and Fatah leaders have issued a call to Muslims to turn out en masse for worship at Al Aqsa and defy the Israeli ban on Friday prayers that was imposed after a terrorist attack injured three Israeli guards at the Lion

    Muslim crowds pressing for entry to Al Aqsa on Temple Mount
    Crowds of Muslim Arabs are pressing forward at the entrances to Temple Mt., confronting the police officers blocking entry until after the investigation into the terrorist attack earlier Friday, which left three Israeli police officers injured, two critically. The Palestinian Authority called on Muslims to oppose the temporary cancellation of Friday prayers at Al Aqsa mosque and turn out en masse for resistance. Jerusalem Police are also preventing the Mufti of Jerusalem, scores of foreign reporters and TV teams from entering the Temple Mount compound, as well as all other visitors.

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    Temple Mount attack poses important test for Arab moderates
    Will Israel response to Friday attack be the catalyst for another uprising?

    It depends on the Arab leadership. If PA leader Mahmoud Abbas, Jordan King Abdullah and other figures in the Arab world use the attack to urge calm, condemn terror and let Israel do what it needs to secure its citizens, then the incident will likely pass quietly and things will return to their usual low-level tense reality.

    If, however, instead of focusing on the attack, the Palestinian and Jordanian reaction only condemns the Israeli response and decries the military suppression and the lack of religious freedom for Muslims in Jerusalem, it is bound to light a fire.

    And if they take it further by flagrantly warning that the Israeli measures are a facade to take over the Temple Mount, all hell could break loose.

    It is only July and the Middle East heat has been unbearable. Will things heat up further in August? It appears that it is going to be up to the Palestinians.


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      This is a very telling message..

      US condemns Temple Mt. terror, applauds Israel pledge of status quo

      The attack forced the government of Israel to temporarily close the Temple Mount/Haram al Sharif to conduct its investigation, the press secretary said. Israel has assured the world that it has no intention to alter the status of this holy site, a decision which the United States applauds and welcomes.

      And it seems fully inline with the beliefs within the admin.


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        Jordan king condemns Temple Mount attack in call with Netanyahu
        According to the official Petra News Agency, the Jordanian king slammed those who undermine security and stability and pave the way for further violence during the call, in an apparent reference to the Arab Israeli gunmen.
        but also

        He demanded Israel reopen the Temple Mount compound to Muslim worshipers, the report said.

        Hundreds in Jordan protest Temple Mount closure

        Hundreds??? That really isn't that bad at all. That isn't even all the Palestinians in Jordan.
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