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Need timeline Joshua to Judges and kings of Israel

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  • Need timeline Joshua to Judges and kings of Israel

    I want to make up a comprehensive timeline from both Biblical and secular archaeology sources for us to better understand the entire Biblical history picture...
    I know that 1st Kings 1:6 puts the Exodus at about 1440 BC with the conquest 1400-1350 BC.......
    I did come up with this... however no one knows how long Samuel was Judge... I guessed 50 years
    it does reasonably add up to the 1440ish Exodus date..
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    1840 BCJoseph
    1700 BC The Canaanites invade Egypt with chariots
    !550-- 1070 BC The Egyptian New Kingdom
    1540 BC Pharoah Almose expells the Sea Peoples the Canaanites
    This is why the Egyptians enslaved the Jews as they no longer remembered Joseph
    1479 Egypt invades Canaan, rules the Canaanites until the final Egyptian outpost was overrun in 1170 BC
    In GODs provision, just in time for Saul, David and Solomon!!!
    1440 40 Moses
    1400 10 Joshua

    So in the time of the Prophets the Jews were fighting the Egyptians who had overrun Canaan !!!

    1050 40 King Saul

    1010 40 King David

    970 40 King Solomon plus 1 Kings 6 480= 1440 BC Exodus
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      Thutmoses III was Pharaoh in 1446 BC for a total of 54 years. (1485-1431). But there were three distinct phases to his rule.

      Thutmoses III: (1485-1431)
      1. (1485-1464) First was when he was a baby and his step-mother Hatshepsut ruled as co-regent for 21 years .
      2. (1464-1446) Second, after Hatshepsut died he ruled as Pharaoh for 18 years until the Exodus .
      3. (1446-1431) Third, he ruled another 15 years after the Exodus.

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