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Hi all,
Due to well over two years of a clear lack of interest in this board, I will be closing it when the hosting is up next month (24 Aug). I see no reason to continue this with the lack of readership and participation.

It's been a wonderful 27+ years, with tons of ups and downs, but with all the excellent resources available to us online via Telegram, YouTube and other platforms - we've outgrown our purpose. I do not believe any huge modification/improvements to the site would help, plus that has always been way beyond my knowledge/skill set.

Y'all know how to reach me.
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U.S. tests EMP bomb

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  • U.S. tests EMP bomb

    Boeing has successful tested an electro-magnetic pulse (EMP) missile that turns “science fiction into science fact” and could be the doomsday weapon against Iran, but media have largely ignored the development.

    The U.S. Air Force and Boeing demonstrated the device more than two months ago over a military site in the Utah desert, reported the VR-Zone technology website.

    Boeing did not keep the test a secret, but most mainstream media and technology sites overlooked the report.

    The test was codenamed CHAMP -- Counter-Electronics High Power Advanced Missile Project and was the first time a real EMP missile has been tested with positive real world results.

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    Re: U.S. tests EMP bomb

    Pretty cool, actually. Has target-specific capability so it's not making an entire city black, it pinpoints and supposedly disables what it hits as it travels overhead. I say, "supposedly" because the video is less than convincing. One computer monitor kept flickering back on and the guy tried to say it knocked out the camera but that didn't seem evident ('course that could be why the video clip stopped where it did but that wasn't what it looked like).

    Reminds me of the stories I see about the nuclear race of the 30's and 40's. Apparently the US was only a few months ahead of either Nazi Germany or the USSR on successfully making and using it first (from what I recall...Lewis, you're the history buff - is that accurate?).