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Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

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  • Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

    And from Debka

    Tehran pulls strings of Gaza missile war, proxy Jihad Islami leads offensive

    Sunday morning, no one in any of the capitals concerned was ready to risk guesstimating how far Tehran was ready to go in its current offensive and what orders Hizballah and its Palestinian puppets had received.

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    Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

    Yesterday I was making a cheat sheet to keep me organized in my thoughts regarding what was going on in the Muz world. So I made some notes and a cheat sheet I can tuck in my Bible. I still havent added the Ancient names for the countries , but thought I would post my list as it may be helpful as we try and understand Islam and what is happening in the ME in light of Scripture.

    I see Psalm 83 setting up as the inner ring of moslem nations around Israel, and Magog as an outer federation of Arabs/Moslems. My friend asked me it it was possible that Psalm 83 was fulfilled in 1967 so I pose that question here.


    Population: 66,893,918
    Percent Shia Muslim: 15%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 85%

    Population: 18,016,874
    Percent Shia Muslim: 13%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 74%

    Population: 3,777,218
    Percent Shia Muslim: 36%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 22%

    Population: 6,199,008
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 15%

    Palestinian Territory
    Population: 3,152,361
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 95%

    Population: 5,611,202
    Percent Shia Muslim: 2%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 92%

    Saudi Arabia
    Population: 25,795,938
    Percent Shia Muslim: 5%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 95%

    Population: 25,374,691
    Percent Shia Muslim: 63%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 34%

    Population: 69,018,924
    Percent Shia Muslim: 90%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 9%

    Population: 28,513,677
    Percent Shia Muslim: 19%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 80%

    Population: 159,196,336
    Percent Shia Muslim: 20%
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 77%

    Population: 32,209,801
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 99%

    Population: 32,129,324
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 99%

    Population: 5,631,585
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 97%

    Population: 9,974,722
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 98%

    Population: 76,117,421
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 90%

    Population: 39,148,162
    Percent Shia Muslim: –
    Percent Sunni Muslim: 70%

    See image map at URL above

    Wendy writes:

    Shias--think their leader should be a direct descendant of Mad Mo the Madhi--@ 873AD Mad Mo’s bloodline came to an end and Shiites believed the last Imam did not die but is hidden--they await the last Iman the Mahdi . Ali was Mad Mo’s successor and first Caliph Until he comes Shias are ruled by the Ulema --council of 12 scholars who will recognize the 12th Imam

    Strictest Sunni sect are Wahabi. Sunnis think that the Caliph should be chosen by the community rather and being a blood descendant of Mad Mo.

    -came from Muz Brotherhood

    -mostly sunni
    -Awawite regime in Syria pretends to be Moslem Shia (but really is not), sold itself for a while to Shia Iran to resist Israel and west

    Iran and Hezbollah align themselves in suport of Syria while Egypt's Muz Brotherhood and Hamaz do not suppot Syria, they hope the Brotherhood will take over in Damascus

    Not supporting Syria is supporting the sunni side rather than a moderate govt.

    Libya looks like it may have a sunni regime and Tunisia too

    If Syria fall it may go with Egypt and sunnis but if it remains it will ally with Iran and shias.

    Iraq tends toward shia side

    This is from **
    Know Your Muslims:
How to Distinguish Between Shia and Sunni
    Is Al Qaeda Sunni or Shi’a? If you don’t have clue you’re not alone. Jeff Stein, the National Security editor for Congressional Quarterly, posed that simple question to two Republicans on the Intelligence Committee, a Democrat on the Armed Services Committee, and several top counterterrorism officials at the FBI.
    None of them knew the answer.
    Do Sunnis and Shi’ites have the same beliefs in common? Mostly, at least on the basics. For Christians, the Nicene creed is often viewed as the basic statement of faith, the essentials agreed upon by all orthodox believers. Muslims have a similar creed (shahadah) roughly translated as, “”There is no god but Allah, Muhammad is the Messenger of Allah.” The Shi’a, however, tack on an additional sentence: “…Ali is the Friend of Allah. The Successor of the Messenger of Allah And his first Caliph.”
    Who is this Ali? Ali was Muhammad’s cousin and son-in-law and the reason these groups don’t get along (the terms Shi’a and Shi’ite come from condensing Shiat Ali, “partisans of Ali”). After Muhammad died, the leadership of the Muslim believers (the Ummah) was the responsibility of the Caliph, a type of tribal leader/Pope. The Sunnis respect Ali and consider him the fourth Caliph while the Shi’a contends he was cheated out of being first. Sunnis, following the tradition of the period, thought the Caliph should be chosen by the community while Shi’ites believe the office should be passed down only to direct descendants of Muhammad.
    So the leader of the Shi’ites is descended from Muhammad? Somewhere around 873 AD, the Muhammad blood line came to an end with Muhammad al-Mahdi. For the leader-electing Sunnis this was no big deal. But for the Shiites, who believed that the office of Chief Religious Leader (i.e., Imam) was hereditary gig, this posed a bit of a problem. So instead of accepting the idea that the last Imam died, they claimed he was just “hidden.”
    Al-Mahdi was obviously very good at hiding because he stayed out of sight for centuries. After awhile the Shi’ites realized that he might not be coming back anytime soon and decided that Al-Mahdi’s “spiritual power” had passed on to the ulema, a council of twelve scholars who could elect a supreme Imam. (The late Ayyatollah Khomeni is probably the only supreme Shi’a Imam that you’d recognize by name.)
    Which group is bigger? Around 85 percent of the world’s Muslims are Sunni while only about 15 percent are Shi’a. Iran is predominantly Shi’a while Saudi Arabia, and almost all other Arab countries, are Sunni.
    And al Qaeda is…? Members of al Qaeda are part of a strict, legalistic version of Sunni known as Wahhabism.
    So the 9/11 hijackers would be…? The hijackers where al Qaeda. Al Qaeda is Sunni. Ergo, the hijackers were Sunni Muslims.
    Can you be a Shi’ite and be in al Qaeda? Probably not. Wahhabis view Shi’ites as heretics. They also say that same about many other groups of Sunnis, though, so Shi’ite Muslims shouldn’t take it personal.
    What about Hezbollah? Hezbollah is a Shi’a political/terrorist group. It’s easier to remember which group they belong to if you keep in mind that they are backed by Iran.
    So Hamas would be Shi’a too? Uh, no. Hamas is a Sunni political/terrorist group.
    How do you tell them apart? Hezobollah is in Lebannon (the country north of Israel) while Hamas is in Israel (since the state of Palestine doesn’t exist on the map). They do share a common bond, though, in their hatred of the U.S. and Israel.


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      Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

      I thought this was a good purposeful quote from the artical at URL:

      I have been wondering if the Sunni Hamas and Shitte Hezboallah will have a falling out because other than being united in their hatred for Israel/USA they hate one another in TROP.


      Tehran has now launched the hardware smuggled into the Gaza Strip ready for a Middle East war offensive for five objectives:

      1. To leave Syrian President Bashar Assad free to continue brutalizing his population and ignoring President Barack Obama's demand backed by Europe that he step down.
      2. To manufacture a direct military threat on the Jewish state, whose destruction is a fundamental of the Islamic Republic of Iran's ideology.

      3. To thwart the Egyptian military junta's operation last week for regaining control of the lawless Sinai Peninsula and destroying the vast weapons smuggling network serving Iran in its capacity as the leading international sponsor of terror.
      4. To render the Palestinian Authority Chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his bid for UN recognition of an independent state on Sept. 20 irrelevant. His isolation was brought home to him last Thursday by the coordinated Palestinian terrorist attacks near Eilat last Thursday.
      5. To plant ticking bombs around Israel for potential detonation and explosion into a full-blown regional war.


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        Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

        Gee Wendyj,

        If those are just your notes I can't imagine what you write for complete detail? Greeeeat notes!

        Did not realize there were Sunnis in Israel? Being lazy and did not look for this in your source but are they part of Israel or the Palestinians? I assume Israel, which is very interesting?


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          Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

          They would be citizens of Israel as it does have an Arab faction--not saying all are Moslems because some are various flavour of Christian but the flavour of Moslems in Israel seems to be Sunni.


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            Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

            Wow Wendy. Very impressive!


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              Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

              Hamas is trying to stop it and want immediate ceasefire???

              What a strange battle must be going on within Hamas.
              The people are in support of the Arab Spring but Hamas finances are Iranian and Hizbollah. A house divided....????


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                Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

                Hamas Official: Gaza Militants Agree to Cease-Fire With Israel

                Read more:


       ..the..good..of..Israel..but..for..the..good..of.. the..PA



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                  Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time


                  Hamas: Gaza militant groups agree to cease-fire with Israel

                  Official in Gaza says Egypt helped broker cease-fire to go into effect on Sunday evening, which would end the three-day round of violence with Israel.


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                    Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

                    I guess the big question now? Has Hamas lost control and can they get it back? It sounds like Iran doesn't want it to stop but ramp up even more.


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                      Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

                      'Iran cuts funding for Hamas due to Syria unrest'

                      Wow If true Iran really is starting to show cracks if they really had to choose.
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                        Re: Hamas Losing Control of Gaza, Israel Biding Time

                        Iran punishes Hamas for not backing Assad
                        GAZA: Iran has turned off the tap of funds to Hamas after the Islamist movement that controls Gaza failed to show public support for the embattled regime of the Syrian President, Bashar al-Assad, Reuters reported.

                        Read more: