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    Ok for days we've been hearing comments about the "intifada of the underclass." and an assortment of other comments on TV and radio. Some may have been from the poorer areas but more and more articles are coming out stating there were lots from other areas of life.I think this article is an important read.
    Ballerina, Olympic ambassador arrested in London sweep

    Cameron's former adviser Danny Kruger wrote in the Financial Times that the riots are the "intifada of the underclass." But among those arrested are a straight-A Exeter University student whose family wealth makes it unlikely she would loot out of necessity, and a 24-year-old college graduate and aspiring social worker whose mother said, "She didn't want a TV. She doesn't even know why she took it," according to The Daily Mail.
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    Re: London Rioters

    REad Sultan Knish--Daniel Greenfield--he says it all.

    then of course there is Romans 1