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Prophetic Implications: Volcanoes on the rise?

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  • Anybody else noticing the volcanos that are hitting the news, right and left.
    Not just Hawaii.

    This one hit Fox early this morning:

    Let's pull this thread back to the top and post them. I believe we are indeed seeing a rise in volcanic events...maybe there isn't an increase in actual, active volcanos but there sure seems to be an increase in their affect on humanity.


    • Dutchsenise (spelling? ) seems to relate earthquakes to volcanoes. I watched him this afternoon and he showed 2 examples of earthquakes occurring on both sides (more or less east-west) of volcanoes.


      • Andy
        Andy commented
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        Right, but we've been seeing an increase in earthquakes for a long time - but volcanos? This seems to be in our news every day and not just the one in Hawaii.

    • You've highlighted an important point, Andy. There are Numerous volcanoes erupting at any given time. I did a search for that, and one source said "20 - 30" erupting now.

      This is a map of currently erupting volcanoes.
      Click on the red triangle just above the map, and it removes all the non-erupting ones. Amazing!

      This illustrates that the mainstream media (otherwise known as the lamestream media) doesn't talk about these things very much. I think that Kilauea has caught our attention because it's in Hawaii, and the pictures are stunning.

      This source
      also cites some reasons why the number of erupting volcanoes might be on the rise.

      Not surprisingly, there was no mention of "end time events."


      • June 6, 2018 USGS update (Hawaii)

        June 6, 2018 local news cast

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        • JD must have been reading WeDG. His update today 6/10/18 focuses on the increase in volcano and earthquake activity.


          • Two earthquakes near another volcano in Columbia, South America.

            The Galeras Volcano in southern Colombia registered two moderate earthquakes on Tuesday that left two people dead, several homes and roadways damaged, said local authorities.
            I saw this on another site this morning, but the Spanish to English translation was pretty rough. This one from a Chinese site is better.


            • Yes-- and the Hawaii volcano is still going strong. Seems like news is barely covering it anymore


              • September 30, 2021

                Kilauea has become active again.

                Seven Icelandic volcanoes are getting ready to erupt.

                There's a whole lot of activity going on.

                Interactive Map of Currently Active Volcanoes
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