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'Meteor' crashes at Kilimambogo

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  • 'Meteor' crashes at Kilimambogo

    An unknown mass believed to be from outer space on Saturday fell near Kilimambogo and Tala towns.

    Initially, there were reports of an explosion in Kangundo, Tala, Yatta and Kakuzi before an extra-terrestrial rock fell at around 10 am.

    Area residents say the loud sound was comparable to a bomb explosion or a crashing aircraft while others felt it was an earthquake.

    Police and military officers from Thika rushed to the scene at Kiumwiri village, Murang’a county. The military later took away the object for expert analysis.

    The black smooth rock weighing about five kilos fell at a maize plantation, 60 meters from a nearby homestead, but no one was harmed.


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    Re: 'Meteor' crashes at Kilimambogo

    If The black smooth rock weighed about five kilos (11 pounds), how could it make that much noise?


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      Re: 'Meteor' crashes at Kilimambogo

      02 June 2011
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      Jul 17, 2011
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      While the first summer shower won't come along until July 28 and 29, when the Southern Delta Aquarid meteors arrive, Nordgren is encouraging people to do some sky watching tonight, in observance of National Meteor Day. The day kicks off a two-week period during which the number of meteors gradually picks up to a high of up to 60 per hour.