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Ted Byfield and the Christian History Project

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  • Ted Byfield and the Christian History Project

    I have tremendous respect for Ted Byfield who was the editor for the BC and Alberta Report which was a sensible right wing publication that I used to read.
    Ted has a Christian worldview and I understand he is a friend of one of my Canadian political heros, Preston Manning.

    Ted and friends ( journalists) have come together to creat the Christian History project to catalog and record the events of the last 2000 years of Christian history. I am going to support them as I believe what they have done is good and flies against the zeit geist of revisionist history and forgetfulness which leaves society vulnerable to manipulation by tyrants.

    read the website its interesting and books can be ordered in CDA and USA.


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    Re: Ted Byfield and the Christian History Project

    The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years Vol.1

    Click here to order this volume!
    Volume One:

    The Veil Is Torn: AD 30 to 70 Pentecost to the Destruction of Jerusalem is the inaugural volume of The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years. In nine chapters, 17 sidebar stories, 49 original illustrations, 11 illustrated maps, and over 130 photos, The Veil Is Torn brings to life in tremendous detail the first 40 years of the burgeoning faith.

    The Veil Is Torn begins with a dramatic retelling of the Pentecost experience. From there, and central to these early years, is the story of Saul—the most vehement anti-Christian and a vicious persecutor of those who followed "The Way"—who converted to Christianity and became Paul, the greatest proponent for the faith. The events as described in the Acts of Matthew, Mark, and Luke are brought to life in great detail.

    The volume ends with the shocking siege and destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans in AD 70.

    Click here to download chapter one
    (752 k PDF download)
    The Christians: Their First Two Thousand Years - Vol.1: First Chapter

    Foreword to The Veil Is Torn

    The most dangerous people, said the twentieth-century Christian essayist G.K. Chesterton, are those who have been cut off from their cultural roots. Had he lived long enough, he would have seen his observation hideously fulfilled. At the time of his death in 1936, Germany, one of the greatest of the Christian nations, had been amputated from its Christian origins and was embracing instead wild doctrines founded on sheer nonsense. Thus deluded, they set off the world’s worst-ever war. People who don’t believe in something, Chesterton also said, can be persuaded to believe in anything. How right he was.

    Today, we are just such a people. That America, indeed the whole western world, is being wrenched away from its cultural origins has become a self-evident fact. For half a century, our literature, our popular music and drama, the visual arts, Hollywood and much of the film industry have been disseminating a genre of nihilism which debases almost every form of human virtue and exalts sensual gratification beyond anything the senses could possibly fulfill. Meanwhile, the liberal arts faculties of our universities work zealously to cut off the branch they are sitting on, diligently destroying the very foundations upon which the whole concept of higher education rests. The result of all this is a culturally dispossessed people, the very situation in which Chesterton saw such mortal danger.

    What are our foundations? Though it has of late become intellectually unfashionable to even think it, let alone say it, the fact is that our cultural origins are almost wholly Christian. Our founding educational institutions, our medical system, our commitment to the care of the aged and infirm, our concept of individual rights and responsibilities all came to us through Christianity. Our best literature, our most enduring music, our finest sculptural masterpieces and many of the greatest paintings in every age are those of professed and dedicated Christians. Finally our concept of democracy came to us from the Greeks through Christianity. Is it by mere coincidence that all those nations that have best instituted and preserved democratic government emerged from Christian origins? I don’t think so.

    The purpose of this series is to describe these foundations, to say who we are and how we got here. That is, to establish our real roots. It has been a long journey, two thousand years, and neither it nor we have been uniformly benevolent. But this is our past, this our family, and knowing who it is and what it has done is the first step in finding our way home.

    Ted Byfield

    See the website for more and downloads of first chapters etc.