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    China premier's call for reform draws accolades and barbs
    "Without democracy, there is no socialism. Without freedom, there is no real democracy," Wen told an audience at the Royal Society during his visit to Britain.

    China is troubled by corruption, inequality and other social ills, said Wen, offering political reform as an antidote.

    "The best way to resolve these problems is to firmly advance political structural reform and build socialist democracy under the rule of law," he said.

    Chinese communist site now a bastion for capitalism

    The grey brick building where China's Communist Party held its first congress 90 years ago in the glitzy former French Concession area of Shanghai doesn't betray any trace of its peasant-proletariat past.

    Special Report:China migrant unrest exposes generation faultline

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    China pledges to clean up local government debt
    China pledged on Wednesday to take steps to clean up hundreds of billions of dollars in local government debt, seeking to defuse concerns that a wave of defaults could derail the world's No.2 economy and hobble its state-run banks

    But ratings agency Moody's said this week that likely understated banks' holdings of local government debt by 3.5 trillion yuan, potentially putting banks on the hook for deeper losses that could threaten their credit rating.;_ylv=3