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Prophetic Implications: Signs in the heavens

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    Re: Signs in the heavens

    Wow! Again Wow!

    What about the Haiti earthquake of 1/12/10???

    I went into that NASA Website and did a search on the JPL program. I was curious about the big Haiti earthquake so I typed in the date January 12, 2010 and there is an alignment alright but not with Elenin. The alignment is a nearly straight line from left to right Mars, Earth, Mercury, Sun, Venus with Mercury and Mars off just a tad. Especially on 1/11/10 there is a perfect 3 planet alignment. Then the earthquake in Haiti.

    You guys try it. Is that a coincidence? It seems to me that if these planetary bodies came into alignment that's very powerful influence on the earth when you see the devastation on Haiti.

    I looked at all the videos except the one on HAARP, it seemed too scary. But I took some notes on the first one.
    It showed us an alignment Elenin alignment on 9/4/10 the 7.2 earthquake in Christ Church, New Zealand.
    On 2/27/10 another Elenin alignment and a 8.8 earthquake in Chile.
    Another Elenin alignment on 3/15/11 and we had the 3/11/11 9.0 earthquake in Japan and 3/10/11 earthquake in China.

    And then he ends the video saying between 9/27/11 and 10/17/11 "Elenin will come so close to Earth it will flip our planet with biblical things coming together at one time."

    Woohoo! Could this flipping of the earth help account for so many missing Christians who seem to disappear, as if they fell off the planet during the flip?
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  • Andy
    Re: Signs in the heavens

    I'm unsure if John was talking about a constellation who's name came from Greek mythology...or am I wrong about Virgo?

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  • wendyj
    Re: Signs in the heavens

    MOre from Michelle Lake which I ,Wendy got from Avi Lipkin's facebook.


    At Sukkot, September last year, it was brought to my attention that people were saying we had a planet/comet (planet X / Niberu) coming on a collision course (meaning it would come so close it would distrupt our planet) towards the earth which is going to cause a poleshift, tsunamis, strong winds, earthquakes and more world wide. I had been looking into this but had not been able to validate it, but would not dismiss this at all, as it is in line with the conclusions I have come to in my research. I have been intensly studying out the possibility that there is something coming towards us since September last year. How do you validate such a thing as this but watch, wait and see. Well it appears people are getting rather twitchy about it. I have seen many videos on Youtube of people claiming to be filming a large star in the sky that they beleive is Nibiru or Planet X as some call it. They can see it very clearly at certain times during the night. It is large and getting closer they say. Is this Elenin they have been watching? I do not know, but people have been saying they can see a star in the sky coming towards us that is getting bigger with the passing months. Plus they have reported that they beleived that it won't be long before everyone will be able to see it. Here is an example of one fellow who is documenting this star on a regular basis:

    Now the event with the Magitude 9 earthquake that has happened in Japan, (March 11th), gives us more confirmation that it may very well be a fact as people were predicting it would happen due to an alignment that was going to take place around March 15th. Here is an example of the type of messages that were being broadcast, please note the date of March 9th when this person gave this message of warning, PLEASE WATCH THIS:

    Yahuweh the mighty creator of the heavens and the earth has the whole world in His hands, these types of events have happened in the past, such as the great Exodus from Egypt. He cares for His people as a husband protects his bride. Now is the time to enter into covenant with Yahuah and become a part of His kingdom.
    The ancients studied the sky and the stars and were technologically advanced mapping the stars and having an understanding about them. We have to ask what caused the great flood ??? Noah, we beleive knew 120 years in advance that a cataclysmic event was coming and he prepared for it. What caused the plagues of the great Exodus ??? Abraham was told 430 years in advance about a great event to take place concerning his offspring coming out of Egypt and this information was past down to his sons. What caused the sun to stand still in the days of Joshua, which according to the book of Jasher was another world wide upheaval THAT SHOOK THE WORLD and all the kingdoms of the world?? What caused the earth to reel too and fro like a drunkard in the days of Isaiah and Hezekiah when also the sundial returned 10 degrees and 185,000 Assyrian soldiers died? I believe they have all been caused by large comets/planets passing the earth, turning the world upside down. What are NASA doing and many others all around the world? Searching the stars !!! They know about these comets and heavenly bodies they have spent gazillions of $$$ on space research and star watching, and have huge telescopes, they know whats coming and have been preparing. I am also convinced they have ancient manuscripts that we know nothing about as well. In the Vatican libraries and British libraries and many other places, they will have documentation of what happened in the past and what we can expect in the future. This is where many beleive Nikola Tesla got his advanced technologies from, from these libraries of ancient documentation. This is where Velicovsky sourced his information: from ancient libraries from past civilisations he had access to around the world. There is an old Celtic book which I have seen called "the Kolbrin", which documents that a large planet which they called the frightener and the destroyer came close to the earth and caused a great upheaval. There will be other documented accounts also.

    To me this world with its sun, and planets plus its comets are like the inner machinery of a big time clock. At the appointed time the comet/planet or dwarf star flys past. At the appointed time the planets align, at the appointed time the lunar eclipses take place and the solar eclipses take place. 6000 years were set for this planet and look what is happening....right on time, reports of an incoming comet / planet/ binary star. Please do not think I am saying this is the end of the world....but rather, I beleive, it to be a time of trouble, and cataclysim, before the beginning of a new era. Please read my articles from my notes page if you haven't already, entitled: "The world takeover of the Illuminati and You !"

    Many do not realise the Guidestones in Georgia are astronomically designed. They have been created to with stand a great upheaval of global preportions such as one caused by a passing comet
    The Georgian Guidestones have been set up in an astronomical fashion and designed to withstand a dramatic global upheaval of earthquake, tsunami, hurricane etc and is set up so that astronomical readings can be taken from it to re-calibrate time and direction after a proposed great calamity happens upon the earth. This is the purpose of the guidestones. Many see the guidestones as evidence that the evil Illuminate NWO are coming to get us and slaughter us, this may be the case, but they may not have to, due to a natural event that will depopulate the earth ie. a great dwarf star passing, causing our world to go out of order destroyiong much of our infrastructure, satelite technology and more. Then, I beleive, the NWO who have been preparing for this event will be ready to take charge again and rule in even greater wickedness than before. But this rule of wickness will be cut short and will not ultimately succeed. Yes the worlds rulers have been preparing for this, they have built underground bunkers and also a huge "doomsday" seed vault in Norway to prepare for such an event as this and I am sure they have more things prepared that we have no idea about.

    Many people believe HAARP is involved in many of these cataclysmic earthquakes that have recently rocked the world and I am repeatedly challenged about it, as many are convinced that this is the actual cause. I have seen over and over independant people forcasting earthquakes due to planitary alignments and solar activity with accuracy well in advance. Please look at some of the other links on the page of "thebarcaroller" youtube page, ( ) he gives regular earthquake and volcano watches. He is right on the mark all the time. I have been studying his updates on a regular basis. Thebarcaroller is a top scientist from Australia and is extremely accurate. Well I have concluded, and it is only speculation, that the wicked could use HAARP in conjunction with the known window of time when these significant planetary alignments take place, as they have studied the astronomical sciences longer than any of us, therefore magnifying the effects the planitary disturbance and directing the most damage to a specific planned target. As I have stated this is only speculation but it is worth considering. As the people who have control over this machine have already shown themselves to be wicked beyond our imagination in the past. So it would not be out of the question for them to do this kind of evil also. As so many people are convinced that HAARP is being used at these times this is the only conclusion I can come to that maybe happening. Here is a video to look at if you do not know about HAARP:

    Many of us are familiar with Revelation 8:10-11. The great star that fell from heaven whose name is Wormwood, which made everyone sick and people died because the waters were made bitter. It is worth mentioning briefly here about the flu virus and the controversial "flu virus" vaccination programme that has been put to us by the World Health Organisation that we all must have. Please study this out: the word "Influenza" is an astronomical term, which from the Websters dictionary has defined as: [It., an epidemic formerly attributed by astrologers to the influence of the heavenly bodies, influenza. See Influence.] So we go to the word Influence and it says: 1. Astrol. Orig., an ethereal fluid thought to flow from the stars and to affect the actions of man. So with this comet we may expect to see sickness and flu like symptoms. But don't take any vacination from the WHO, they will not be able to help you.

    It has been said and pointed out to me that if you see a number of volcanos coming to life that normally are dormant then it is time to start heading for the hills. My place of business, where I work, is situated at the base of two dormant Volcanoes....hmmmm .......and on a sandbar .......

    As I have said I thought it was worth bringing to your attention so you can do your own research into it and see if this has any validity and then you can make an informed desicion.

    I am not taking any chances I'm getting prepared and have been for quite some time. We need to consider this message very seriously and prepare ! They tell us something is coming, exactly what it is, is what I have been trying to determine. How large this thing is will determine the damage it will cause when it passes.

    We all need to decide what action we need to take. If you decide that this event is going to be very serious, my first recommendation is that you seriously consider entering into or renewing your relationship with your Creator, YaHuWeH is His name, and ask for His mercy, guidence and protection. Psalm 1; 1 John 2:15-17; Psalm 91; Ezekiel 37:21-28; Revelation 14:6,7

    Shalom My Friends








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  • wendyj
    Re: Signs in the heavens

    Here is the blog from Michelle Lake on Avi Lipkin's facebook page. --you may find this info is stuff you know . It is interesting to ponder. Some of these links are interesting to follow when considering this subject. I wish I knew more about astromomy--in fact our culture does not know much about the heavenly bodies as we are no longer agrarian, and many in the cities cannot even see the stars.

    I have come to see prophesy in patterns and shadows. It seems there is a 180 degree shift in what the dark side wants to happen ie. their madhi is our AC, their Jesus is our False prophet. So as the dragon stood before Israel in the form of all the nations waring against it when it was reborn---I wonder whether in fact there will be a child taken out of Israel--the Pally state and I wonder if the collusion of the world in this will bring judgment on them and the coming of Messiah to judge the world and right the wrongs done to Israel.
    Of course the rapture could happen anytime before that --yippee---I am glad to be part of this generation and believe Jesus when He says he will meet me in the clouds in an instant.

    I submit this info because just maybe it will have a puzzle piece or cause a thought that may shine some light or give understanding as we all work our puzzles.

    UPDATED 25TH MARCH 2011 ~ C/2010x1(Elenin) ~ coming past within months ~ Is it going to turn our world upside down ???

    by Michelle Lake on Wednesday, February 9, 2011 at 6:42pm

    UPDATED 25TH MARCH 2011 ~ C/2010 x1(Elenin) ~ coming past within months ~ Is it going to turn our world upside down ???

    Please do your own research to see if this article has any validity.

    Please read the whole chapter of Isaiah 24. (KJV, Isaiah 24:1 Behold, YHVH maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof. Vs. 20, The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard, )

    I do not wish to be a fear monger but I thought I should say I few words on this for your consideration. This article has been the result of many long hours sifting through much information. I thought it was worth bringing to your attention so you can do your own research into it and see if it has any validity and then you can make an informed desicion.

    In brief: When I first wrote this artilce in early February, I had heard the report that we will have a close encounter with a "Comet", named by Nasa as "C/2010 x1(Elenin)", September through to November 2011, which could cause severe cataclysmic earthquakes, tsumanis and hurricanes which could wipe out many mutitudes who are unprepared and also those in low lying coastal areas.

    I wrote in February that "It had been rumoured trouble could be starting as early as mid March." And sure enough this has come to pass with the cataclysmic Magnitude 9 earthquake off the coast of Japan, the Huge tsunami that has destroyed much of North Japan and now we are facing what many are describing as an "apocalyptic scale thermo nuclear meltdown" that will have long term consequences that will effect the whole world.


    The dates given when the most trouble comes in Sept through to October coincides with the dates for this years Biblical festivals: Yom Teruah (feast of trumpets) and Yom Kippur (Day of Atonement) and also coincides with Sukkot (Tabernacles) this year. This is very significant as these three festivals relates to the final Judgement of the kingdoms of this world before the long awaited 1000 year reign of the Messiah.

    YOU MUST WATCH THIS VIDEO ALSO, Elenin is not alone:

    NASA WEBSITE SO YOU CAN CHECK THIS OUT FOR YOURSELF, look at the path that Elenin is forcasted to take: Type in C/2010 X1 in the search box and then click on "Orbit Diagram" and then have fun, look at the path of Elenin yourself and put in any date you wish to check and see the alignments that will effect the earth ! April the 7th, 8th is the next serious alignment date to watch for.

    ORBIT DIAGRAM FOR ELENIN, HONDA, LEVY ~ study the paths of these heavenly bodies for your self

    What really got my attention all those months ago, when I first heard about this entity that was coming our way from in the heavens was the name: "Elenin", lets break it down and when we read it backwards ele nin = nine eleven, 9:11 ; or read it forwards ele nin = elevine nine, 11:9 which is a date I was told by a person also held great importance in the masonic orders. You figure it out !! It appears others before us have already figured it out and along time ago !!! Plus the first sylable of the name is ELE which, in a recent movie, "Deep Impact", stood for Extinction Level Event. Plus look up the verse of scripture: Revelation 9:11. That the first syllable ELE = "Extinction level event" and also that it had 9:11 encoded into its name really got my attention.

    There has been much talk and speculation about pole shifts recently and serious discussion about the great adverse weather we have around us and other strange anomolies. There is much speculation also that this is HAARP driven and some of it maybe caused by HAARP. The adverse weather, earthquakes and volcanoes, can also be greatly caused by adverse solar activity which we have had much of lately and some of it has been severe. There are people who actively monitor the Sun giving forcasts as to how it will effect us such as:

    Please check out this video as an example:

    But how many of you have considered also these adverse weather and earthquakes can also be caused by a very large close passing comet or heavenly body of some type ? "Comets" can be the size of planets. And this ELEnin is believed by many to actually be a Dwarf Star about the size of Jupiter. And it is considered by many that we are in a binary star solar system. This all may sound far fetched by some but there is much evedence to suggest this maybe the case. I have been mocked in the past for saying the Exodus plagues were caused by an astronomical event ie. a close passing comet/planet. So if anyone is now reading this and mocking thats up to you. Please look at these video links for more understanding:

    A very close passing large comet will interfer with our planets magnetic field causing it to turn on it's axsis. This will wreck havoc with our weather and will cause earthquakes and tsunamies and more.
    I have studyed a bit about comets and poleshift over the years. It came to my attention when studying the age of the earth according to the Hebrew Scriptures that major "judgement events" recorded always coincided with what appeared to be astronomical events. And then someone gave me Immanuel Velikovskys book "Worlds in Collision" which was written in the 50's. He describes in detail what happens when a large heavenly body or comet comes too close to the earth, it literally turns the world upside down like it describes in Isaiah 24:1 (KJV) " Behold, the LORD maketh the earth empty, and maketh it waste, and turneth it upside down, and scattereth abroad the inhabitants thereof." After reading this book in congunction with the Scriptures about 15 years ago, I have always said that the book of Revelation with its "end of the world" "Judgement" "plagues" sounded just like what Velikovski described when a "large" comet goes past very close, also another book he wrote is "earth in upheaval" it is very good reading also. I have been saying for years that I believed we were going to see an astronomical event take place that is going to cause us all serious problems and that this is the way the Judgement of the earth would take place as fortold in Revelation and other places of the Bible. For those of you who are not familiar with Velikovski, he wrote numerous books that showed that many historical accounts and ancient documents record that the plagues in Egypt, at the time of Moses and the great Exodus, were caused by a very large close passing Comet and that the plagues were not localised to just Egypt but affected the whole world. He was rejected by many and his findings really shook up the scientific and religeous world. But the majority of what Velikovski stated has been found to be correct. He warned gravely about the world delving into themo nuclear technology as he said the earth and its solar system are not stable and are subject to great upheavals. He spoke strongly against Darwins "Theory of Evolution" which teaches no sudden changes or upheavals in recent times and that all things remain constant and changes take place very very slowly. Here are some video links that have Velikovsky speaking and give some of his background:

    More to follow in the next post...

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    Re: Signs in the heavens

    Darn, I wasn't able to get that Stellarium program to work, and Wendy I couldn't pull that link up.

    BUT I did find the same information that firecharger put out using the same free program Stellarium Andy linked. Click on the link and go to about time 11:50 and you see the same constellation you described only on Rosh Hashanah September 29th this year.

    All I can say is WOW about your insight, Wendy.

    Virgo goes into labor on Rosh Hashanah because Israel is being divided and gives birth to Pally state, Venus, Lucifer's planet sign. Time will tell on 9/29/11....

    Does anyone see any other constellations around that time that point to the Rapture??

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