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Due to well over two years of a clear lack of interest in this board, I will be closing it when the hosting is up next month (24 Aug). I see no reason to continue this with the lack of readership and participation.

It's been a wonderful 27+ years, with tons of ups and downs, but with all the excellent resources available to us online via Telegram, YouTube and other platforms - we've outgrown our purpose. I do not believe any huge modification/improvements to the site would help, plus that has always been way beyond my knowledge/skill set.

Y'all know how to reach me.
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Prophetic Implications: Signs in the heavens

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  • Re: Signs in the heavens

    Here are the important comments to us conspirators from the "chat":

    With me to chat about the science of asteroids is Scott Fisher a program director of the NSF’s Division of Astronomical Sciences. And joining him is Don Yeomans, a NASA project scientist for the Hyabusa mission.

    3:01 Comment From ptowngirl
    Is there any chance what-so-ever of the asteroid going off it's expected course and hitting the moon or earth??

    3:01 Donald Yeomans:
    The orbit of asteroid 2005 YU55 is very well known because of previous optical and radar observations so there is NO CHANCE that this object will collide with the Earth or Moon.

    3:03 Comment From J
    Whats the cheaper telescope I could buy to view this Asteroid and where should I look..? (in the Sky)

    3:03 Scott:
    Hi J, It turns out that YU 55 is going to be pretty faint when it flies by... It will not be visible to the naked eye, you will need a telescope that has a mirror at least 6" in size to see it. To make it even more difficult to observe.. it will be moving VERY quickly across the sky as it passes.

    3:08 Comment From susan
    because of Asteroid YU 55 close proximity to earth on nov 9,2011 is there a chance it will be caught up in our planet's gravity,since it is coming closer to us than our moon, that is something that concern's me and a few other people, that our planet will pull that Asteroid down on us.

    3:10 Scott:
    Hi Susan, There is no reason to worry about YU 55 getting caught up in the gravity of the Earth. Through our observations of the object, we know that there is NO chance of it impacting either the Earth or the Moon for at least the next 100 years.

    3:11 Comment From regina petersen-daniels
    Is thier a relation to the Tsunami drill that is going to be happening at the same time that 2005YU55 is flying over us, a drill has never been done before at this scale~~why now? Is it possible that they are worried about the trojectory being affected by some variable?

    3:11 Scott:
    Hi Regina, There is no connection between the tsunami drill and the YU 55 flyby. My understanding is that the large-scale nature of the tsunami drill is likely due to the fact that we (the Earth) has experienced two very large tsunami events in the last 5 years or so. We (the human race) are starting to recognize that we need to be prepared for these events, the large-scale drill is a way that we are starting to prepare.

    3:15 Comment From Roger from Belmont
    Will this be able to be viewed in the northern hemisphere and if so, when will be the right time

    3:16 Scott:
    It turns out that YU 55 will be observable from the northern hemisphere, in fact, the radar telescopes that are going to observe the fly-by are in North America. The best time to observe it would be in the early evening on November 8th from the east coast of the US. However! It is going to be VERY faint, even at its closest approach. You will need a decent sized telescope to be able to actually see the object as it flies by.


    • Re: Signs in the heavens

      Additional Comments:

      3:28 Comment From Scott
      Are there any high definition pictures of YU55 as of yet?

      3:28 Scott:
      Hi Scott! - We do have high-resolution pictures of YU 55, the picture from Arecibo, a NSF-funded telescope in Puetro Rico, made the image that has been presented many places online. Arecibo will be observing YU 55 as it flies by and at the time of closest approach we will be able to see detail on the object down to a size of roughly 15 feet.

      Here is a link to the picture I am talking about here:

      3:30 Comment From Steph
      What time and date will it come closest to the earth?

      3:31 Donald Yeomans:
      The closest approach will occur on November 8 at 23:28 Greenwich time and the close approach distance will be about 201,000 miles.

      3:40 Comment From Bonnie
      Since it will not hit the earth or the moon, will it have any impact on the earth whether from tides, earthquakes, volcanoes, or anything else.

      3:41 Scott:
      Hi Bonnie. So it turns out that YU 55 is way too small to have any effect on our tides, or earthquakes, or anything like that.

      3:47 Comment From Rosa
      I am just curious that…. why in national tv last night there were saying if this asteroids lands in the ocean will make a tsunami of 70ft hight …why there are speculating to this extreme if there is not worries!

      3:48 Scott:
      Hi Rosa. This is a good question. I believe that the national news favors the dramatic side of an event like this. Although myself, Don, and MANY people around the globe are excited about this idea of learning more about YU 55, asteroids in general, and what they can tell us about how our solar system formed, however, that sort of story does not pull in the ratings that a story about a 70 FOOT TSUNAMI does.

      3:49 Comment From Guest
      Why do you believe there are so many fears over NEO such as YU55 and Elenin in recent times?

      3:51 Donald Yeomans:
      Recently there have been many posts on the internet concerning disasters concerning comet Elenin (now disintegrated into a cloud of dust), Nibiru (never existed), Planet X (never existed) and any number of phenomena for which there is NO EVIDENCE whatsoever. There are no filters for internet blogs. People can, and do, say whatever they like so readers have to ask themselves whether there is any evidence for the claims being made. It used to be that editors could filter nonsense before it was published but the internet is largely unedited material so readers have to think whether or not there is evidence to support the claims being made.

      3:52 Comment From George
      A lot of recent movies have led people to believe that NASA would not warn the public immediately if a RISK factor was identified, whats your view on this?

      3:52 Scott:
      Hello George, good question. Hey, I loved "Deep Impact" and "Armageddon" as much as everyone else, but they are just movies. I know that NASA and most of the observatories around the globe have a standard procedure already in place for a major discovery like a large asteroid impact. In a nutshell, the scientific community believes that there is no way to keep such a discovery a secret. Nor is it really ethical to consider keeping such information a secret.

      3:55 Comment From claudia
      will YU55 come near to hitting any of the satellites orbiting Earth?

      3:55 Scott:
      Hi Claudia.... we do not think that any satellites, the Moon, the space station, or any object will be impacted by YU 55. Luckily for us we have really dedicated observers watching this object quite closely and we know its orbit very accurately... so no worries, our GPS and cell phones will be working after the fly by!

      3:59 Daniel Strain:
      Okay, it looks like we're drawing to an end. I was curious, what will the two of you be doing on the night of the flyby?

      4:01 Scott:
      Well, I will be here in Washington DC, so I will not be able to observe it directly. But some of my colleagues at the NASA Infrared Telescope Facility ( and the Gemini ( Observatory in Hawaii will be making observations of the fly by. The best I will get to do is to Skype in to video chat with them wile they are making the observations!


      • Re: Signs in the heavens

        Anxiety over upcoming test of US emergency system

        "According to a message being circulated by local school and government officials, there is "great concern in local police and emergency management circles about undue public anxiety over this test."


        • Re: Signs in the heavens

          Dutch has some new info about the EAS on 11/9/11. Very interesting. We've known about this for quite a while now and it's almost here. Wonder what it all means and what will happen?

          11/4/2011 -- WILL NOT SAY 'this is a test' = EAS text alert from HQ missing those vital words

          Uploaded by dutchsinse on Nov 4, 2011

          disturbing! money quote from FCC :

          " the EAN code will automatically generate a text crawl that will say "A Primary Entry Point station has issued an Emergency Action Notification . . . "The text crawl will not indicate that the event is a test. "

          hmm.. a "primary entry point"?! P.R.E.P.? !!!

          read the rest here: links provided --


          • Re: Signs in the heavens

            I wonder if this video by MrCometWatch gives a clue to the EAS ON 11/9/11. Indicates 60% probability of M class solar flares and 63% prob of X class solar flares on 11/8/11 per Univ. of Bradford Space Weather Research. Also a report YU55 may bring increased meteor activity to both earth and moon.

            YU55 Will Have Company.

            Uploaded by MrCometwatch on Nov 4, 2011

            Yu55 Update


            • Re: Signs in the heavens

              Solar Flare-Triple Threat

              Uploaded by MrCometwatch on Nov 4, 2011

              Solar Update


              • Re: Signs in the heavens

                Largest Sunspot in Years Observed on the Sun

                By Clara Moskowitz

                Published November 04, 2011


                Read more:

                Nov. 3, 2011: The gigantic sunspot in the upper left of this image is about 50,000 miles (80,000 km) long and was observed on the sun by NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory.

                One of the largest sunspots in years has appeared on the sun, darkening part of its glowing face.

                The massive sunspot, called AR1339, is about 50,000 miles long, and 25,000 miles wide, reports For comparison, Earth itself is only 8,000 miles wide.


                • Re: Andy

                  Originally posted by Andy View Post
                  ...BTW, it's one reason I so often put that gospel booklet onto my signature. I want the good tidings of HOPE to reach anyone reading our board ... now or in the future.

                  Anyway, just wanted to share all that.
                  Just checked out that signature gospel booklet, Andy. Very neat!


                  • Re: Signs in the heavens

                    It's 10:13 PST. YU 55 has passed earth now? I guess it's closest approach to the moon an hour from now? Let us know if you see or hear of anything happening.

                    Live Broadcast of Asteroid 2005 YU55 as it Passes by Earth - November 8, 2011

                    Uploaded by Sheilaaliens on Nov 8, 2011




                    ABOUT THE NEXT EVENT
                    Near-Earth Asteroid (NEA) "2005 YU55", a dark, nearly spherical chunk of primordial space rock around 400 metres in diameter, will be making a close fly-by to Earth at 23:28UTC on the 8th November 2011.
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                    • Re: Signs in the heavens

                      Did anyone look at the moon tonight? I didn't have my camera with me. I hope someone gets the picture. It looks like there is a huge concentric , perfect circle around the moon and the planet closest to us, I think Mercury. I have never seen anything like it before. It looks like a concentric ring of gaseous cloud. I'm wondering if it could be debris of Elenin or YU 55. I know we are going through Elenin's tail right now.

                      Anyone see it? Here in SoCal there really isn't too much cloud cover so this huge ring something (I'm thinking gaseous debris) around the moon is so bright, illuminous, and thick. And so huge it takes up half the sky up at about 11 oclock.

                      Please post if anyone sees or hear anything about this. It is really something. It sure looks like a sign of something. I know last weekend the night before we had that big thunder rainstorm here, there was a bright illuminous ring immediately encircling the moon, the sign of rain. This is different.


                      • Re: Signs in the heavens

                        Russian/Chinese Spacecraft heading to one of Mar's Moons, can't get out of its low earth orbit and what was thought to be a 2 week window to correct the problem has been reduced to 2. MrCometWatch, first thought it might be a conspiracy to have space craft in the air in case Israel attacked Iran or something else happened we don't know about. But now it may be a real problem.


                        • Re: Signs in the heavens

                          Well MrCometWatch's team measured the spacecraft's orbit and it is not falling like is claimed. So, he now wonders whether it is up there for another purpose?


                          • Re: Signs in the heavens

                            New Thanksgiving Guest - Asteroid just discovered!


                            • Re: Signs in the heavens

                              I cannot imagine what could have caused this.

                              Strange, Colored Lights Illuminate the New Jersey Sky - Up Close - Nov. 23, 2011

                              Uploaded by Sheilaaliens on Nov 23, 2011
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                              • Re: Signs in the heavens

                                Similar to the Dallas/Fort Worth mystery lights incident from earlier this year: