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CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

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  • CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

    The economy is by far, the number one concern in the next election, according to this CNN Poll. This concern includes fear of a 2nd Great Depression.

    When? There are many guesses, but most of them seem to be within a year. I don't know. Only our Lord knows these things. Of course it would be silly for someone to be driving their car and feel a violent shaking of the car at just about any speed, get out and notice that one wheel is almost falling off, get back in and drive anyway because "Oh, it'll be alright .. at least until I get home." Well sure, it'll be "alright" .. but until? No clue. It may fall off in the next minute .. or they might make it home .. but fall off at some point, it will. So many seem to treat the economy, which has a very direct effect on their lives, as if no matter what cracks are in it, "it'll be alright .." Interesting.

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    Re: CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

    Relax Issachar, the president said it's gonna be alright. Of course I have heard on the news that they don't believe that it will be like the Great Depression, but more like the Great, Great Depression. I guess that means that it is gonna be worse huh.

    I have a feeling that everything is gonna spin out of control before Obama leaves office. I don't blame Obama for this happening, the U.S. has always spent money like it grows on trees. Obama incompetence has just sped things up.


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      Re: CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

      I just saw an article on Drudge that I didn't choose to copy, but the upshot is that most Americans will have to work into their 80's. We have truly come to a pitiful state in this country. I think that we are way beyond the Great Depression already. Just check out the price for a gallon of milk--or a gallon of gas.

      Actually, I thought it was worth going back to capture:

      Well, it turns out that working longer is indeed an option, according to the Employee Benefit Research Institute latest study. The only problem is that the latest research shows that you’ll have to work much longer than you anticipated. In fact, many Americans will have to keep on working well into their 70s and 80s to afford retirement, according to the study, titled “The Impact of Deferring Retirement Age on Retirement Income Adequacy.”
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        Re: CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

        So I have 39 more years instead of 19?
        I'd better requisition some more pens, I'm gonna need them.


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          Re: CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

          I don't know if our bodies can handle working well into our 70's and 80's.


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            Re: CNN Poll Reveals Concern of 2nd Great Depression

            they will have to work quicker to wrap this up.
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