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MK Danon: President Obama, Take Your Hands Off Jerusalem

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  • MK Danon: President Obama, Take Your Hands Off Jerusalem

    In a direct reference to President Obama ’s controversial address to the State Department on May 19th, in which he called on Israel to retreat to the ‘1967 boundaries’ [the 1949 armistice lines –ed.] in a gesture towards the creation of an independent Palestinian state, Mr. Danon declared, “President Obama: Take your hands off Jerusalem, take your hands off of Israel.”

    Concerning the vote at the United Nations in September on the establishment of a Fatah-Hamas run state, Mr. Danon said, “I am not afraid of what will happen in September. By using the UN to push for a state, the Palestinians are in violation of the Oslo accords. When the UN will decide unilaterally to vote for the creation of a Palestinian state, we will immediately declare independence throughout Judea and Samaria.”
    Me thinks this September the UN will vote to divide Israel to 1967 borders and then some, and there will be a Palestinian state. At least I really hope so.... I am so ready for the Rapture!