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The Arab World needs a Marshall Plan/Sarkozy's MU must be revitalized

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    Re: The Arab World needs a Marshall Plan/Sarkozy's MU must be revitalized

    and you notice not one word about the wealthy arab countries sending money to Egypt, north africa........ somehow its our responsibility ?????

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    Re: The Arab World needs a Marshall Plan/Sarkozy's MU must be revitalized

    The G-8's declaration on the Arab Spring

    The EU will reinvigorate and strengthen its neighbourhood policy towards Partnership Countries to provide greater support to those engaged in building democracies. The EU will offer reforming countries a path towards closer economic integration the EU single market in areas of mutual interest;

    - The Union for the Mediterranean will contribute through concrete projects.

    12)We welcome the work done by Egypt and Tunisia in presenting to the international community of donors their program of actions towards economic and financial stability and preparing for more inclusive growth, and stand ready to support them. We welcome the Egyptian authorities’ decision to request IMF and multilateral development banks’ assistance and Tunisia’s request for a joint and coordinated development policy loan.

    In this context, multilateral development banks could provide over $20bn, including €3.5bn from the EIB, for Egypt and Tunisia for 2011-2013 in support of suitable reform efforts. G8 members are already in a position to mobilise substantial bilateral support to scale-up this effort. We welcome support from other bilateral partners, including from the region.

    Empowerment and dialogue between the peoples
    13)We will help the countries of the region to create the political space for democracy and freedom to flourish. In particular:

    - We call on international organisations to work with political parties and the newly-forming political oppositions to help them develop the tools to address aspirations and build capacity among local and national decision-makers and opinion-formers, as the best route to stability in the region;

    - We will support the reinvigoration of the existing inter-parliamentarian fora, which have a decisive role to play, and the development of international cooperation between local authorities as a means to establish concrete links between peoples;

    - We commit to fully involving civil society in the Deauville Partnership, building on the work of the "Forum for the future", that will convene before the end of the year, in order to respond to, and reflect, recent changes in the MENA region and to enhance the dialogue between the G8, MENA governments and civil society;

    - We commit to make education and training a key focus of our activities in the region. Tackling high levels of illiteracy and unemployment, especially among young people, and making vocational training labour-market oriented, is key to ensuring a qualified workforce to help modernize the MENA economies.

    We will encourage student mobility and foster greater educational and research linkages between our universities and those in the MENA region. The Euro-Mediterranean Office for Youth will be one tool of this policy. Exchanges of best practices on programmes enhancing the skills of unemployed people, including vocational training, should also be encouraged;

    - We commit to give further support to the promotion of freedom of expression, including the critical role of media and the Internet in contributing to the democratisation of societies. We also commit to supporting the right to practise religious faith in safety and security, without fear of violence and repression.

    Follow-up and monitoring of the Deauville Partnership
    14)We will develop this Partnership through time and associate all relevant partners in an on-going and collaborative monitoring process of the transition in the region.

    15)We will review with Partnership Countries their transition strategy, set out in social and economic development programs presented by Partnership Countries, starting with Egypt and Tunisia. We will ensure that reform is matched by the response of the international community, including through MDB country-specific Joint Action plans.

    16)We ask our Foreign Affairs ministers and Finance ministers to take on this task urgently and meet together with MENA and other partners in the next few months to define the framework of the Partnership and take this work forward, including through meetings of Foreign Affairs and Finance Ministries senior officials held in July.

    17)We will follow-up with our partners and all interested parties before the end of the year.

    18)We will assess the Partnership at our next meeting under the chairmanship of the USA.

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  • The Arab World needs a Marshall Plan/Sarkozy's MU must be revitalized