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Should we all give all our money time

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  • Should we all give all our money time

    We should get smaller houses, car, forget buying stuff According to preacher David Plat........his book ""Radical" our men's group are being taught by our Assoc pastor .........
    just like Jesus told the rich young ruler, give away most everything , serve on a mission field either here or abroad.......

    a total financial and lifestyle commitment.....not just 10% but %50/ %80 depending what you have.......

    That churches should spend most of their income on missions instead of building large comfortable churches.......

    Begging the question that David Plat pastors a very large church ............

    of course our church is about to start building a long delayed expansion, so I have to ask why this book is being taught when the book says for churches to spend big money on missions instead of building programs...((I did ask by email today))

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    Re: Should we all give all our money time

    We had a brief discussion about Platt last August .. here.

    I'd be interested in the reply you get to your email if you feel you can share it.

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