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'Israeli intolerance' concerns UK

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    'Israeli intolerance' concerns UK

    Human rights report released by Foreign Office in London calls 'Nakba Law' discriminatory; slams treatment of Bedouins, Silwan children

    The 2010 Human Rights and Democracy report prepared and released Thursday by the British Foreign and Commonwealth Office expresses concern over the "growing climate of intolerance in Israeli society, and in particular by the progress of proposed Knesset bills that discriminate against minorities and human rights defenders."

    The report specifically mentions the “Nakba Law”, which seeks to withdraw government funding from NGOs participating in events that mark Israel’s Independence Day as a day of mourning, and the “Anti Boycott Law”, which seeks to impose fines on Israeli citizens participating in or encouraging boycotts against Israel, "including the settlements."

    "We continue to urge the Israeli government to do more to speak out against such discriminatory proposals," the British Foreign Office said.

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    Re: 'Israeli intolerance' concerns UK

    But I suppose the daily rockets that the thugs use to target Israeli citizens is much more 'tolerant'??

    No, two wrongs never make a right (however, 3 lefts do! ) and if these things are true the Israeli government shouldn't be doing such things but somehow I get this odd feeling that this is being way over-exaggerated. Maybe not I don't try to suggest they are without the end it is a very secular government.