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  • The Preparation

    The Preparation
    What is the Preparation? It is the day before a sabbath. A sabbath being the seventh day of the week (Saturday) when no work was to be done. There are generally 52 of these each year. A sabbath is also any other day in which no work is to be done. There are seven of these each year, commonly called Feast Days. There are two during Passover (or Unleavened Bread), Pentecost, Feast of Trumpets , and two during Feast of Tabernacles. So there are many days of preparation during the year.
    We are going to focus on the preparation before Pesach / Passover. In the days of the Temple, the preparation day was the day the lambs were killed in preparation of the Passover Sedar (meal). It is the last day before the eight days of unleavened bread, when no leaven (sin) was to be found in the house. Housecleaning was of utmost importance, with no cushion being unturned in the search of the dreaded hidden crumb of leaven (sin), with preparation day being the last opportunity to uncover. This preparation day commemorates the day during the captivity in Egypt when the blood of the lamb was put on the doorposts to keep away the destruction of the death angel.
    The preparation day before Pesach / Passover approximately 2000 years ago, is the day the Lamb of God (Jesus) was hung on the tree, bled, and died for our sins. It was the day Jesus told a thief “ Today you will be with me in Paradise”. It was the day perfect blood was made available to cover the sins of all mankind, to protect mankind from destruction.
    This Blood is only available. It must be put to use by each individual. What can wash away your sins? (Nothing but the Blood of Jesus)
    In these days of uncertainty, earthquakes in different places, wars and rumors of wars, will the last trump sound? Will Jesus return for His own? Will you go with Him, are will you remain to live and die during the greatest tribulation the world has ever seen? Will this be the day of the Rapture?
    This preparation day, April 19th, will be a wonderful opportunity to meditate, fast, pray, and consider the awesomeness of God. Draw close to Him, and He will draw close to you.
    Is His blood on the doorpost of your heart?

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    Re: The Preparation

    April 19th was the day the American Revolution began....... was that also the preparation day to the passover that year? if so, thats interesting.

    King James Bible
    And of the thousand seven hundred seventy and five (1775)[shekels] he made hooks for the pillars, and overlaid their chapiters, and filleted them.
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