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  • Just thought this interesting-CNN

    On CNN's show GPS this morning "The Libya Operation-The New World Order"

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    Re: Just thought this interesting-CNN

    I confess I didn't see all of it but from what I did see, although they added "The New World Order", they seemed to struggle with what it is.
    The place of the US within the NWO.
    I know I have posted this a couple times before but it is a good start
    At its broadest, Obama's diplomacy has tried to redefine the exercise of American power. It is an effort at a distinctive form of multilateralism, deeper than anything any President has tried before. At the same time, Obama is proposing a limited military intervention for a problem in which U.S. interests are limited. That's something Presidents in the past have promised but mostly been unable to deliver as events on the ground forced them to escalate for fear of being humiliated

    In Afghanistan and then in Iraq this new approach was tried but failed as it was perceived as an "American thing" something they are still fighting with comments from Qaddafi and Chavez reaching into the past and not the future. Still being suspicious of US intentions, even with his bowing and resetting, in the NWO.
    To a degree it is understandable as the US is still in control and they know it. Hence Obama's awkward behaviour and language.

    I believe this will be shown very soon, in the only area the US can step out in front as world leader and that is Israel. This would be seen as a good thing for the world and good for the US. It would cement the US reputation as partner and not dictator, if it works with others from the region. Especially now as Israel's excuse of it being the only democracy in the ME is very quickly disappearing.
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