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No interference in internal affairs: Saudi King, but talks to KJC

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  • No interference in internal affairs: Saudi King, but talks to KJC

    King Abdullah, Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques, reiterated Monday the Kingdom’s “absolute rejection of any interference in its internal affairs”.

    The Custodian of the Two Holy Mosques cited the statement from the 118th session of the GCC Ministerial Council in reaffirming the “total rejection of GCC states of any foreign attempt to interfere in their affairs, and their determination to deal firmly with any incitement to factional sympathies, promotion of divisions between the people of member states, and threats to security”.

    “Threats to harm the security of any member state are regarded as harming the security of all GCC states,” he said.

    King Abdullah lauded the “wisdom, loyalty and cohesion of the Kingdom with its leadership in good times and bad” since the country’s unification by the late King Abdul Aziz.

    “It is, then, only to be expected that there would be no response to the attempts of the traiters because they know the objectives behind those false and wicked calls which have no relation to Islamic teachings,” King Abdullah said.

    In that regard, the Cabinet reaffirmed its response to Bahrain’s request for support. Abdul Aziz Khoja, Minister of Culture and Information, said in a statement to SPA after the meeting that the King went on to brief ministers on his contacts of the past week concerning regional and international developments, including telephone calls from King Juan Carlos of Spain and Mauritanian President Muhammad Wald Abdul Aziz.