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Quartet talks peace with Israel, Palestinians

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  • Issachar
    Re: Quartet talks peace with Israel, Palestinians

    Since the expiry last September of a temporary ban on settlement building -- which Netanyahu refused to extend -- the Palestinians have refused all direct contact with the Israelis, saying they will not talk while settlers build on land they want for a future state.
    I find it interesting that while this land is Israel, the so called Palestinians are living there; able to go about their everyday life activities .. should they choose to be law abiding, but to have a Palestinian state, there can't be any Jews there?

    Also, won't Peres ever go away?

    Peres is one of a number of senior Israeli officials who has previously backed the idea of setting up a Palestinian state within provisional borders as part of an interim agreement.
    Those "provisional" borders WILL be a matter of war should they be changed any when not provisional ... unless, in the most unlikely scenerio, they are expanded in the final, not so provisional, state.


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  • SAT
    started a topic Quartet talks peace with Israel, Palestinians

    Quartet talks peace with Israel, Palestinians

    Envoys of the Middle East diplomatic Quartet failed to secure agreement on a resumption of peace talks between Israel and the Palestinians after a series of separate meetings on Thursday.