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Key Quartet meeting put off by a month

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  • Key Quartet meeting put off by a month

    One Quartet official denied the delay was due to expectation that the prime minister would present a new diplomatic initiative.
    But the meeting is only delayed until April and Bibi isn't to announce his plan until May so this sounds more logical...
    One Israeli official said the delay might not have had anything to do with Israel, but rather that the members of the Quartet were a “bit preoccupied” right now with other events in the region.

    “To be fair,” the official said, “Israel is watching the situation in Libya, but there are countries in the international community – like the US, Britain and France – that are looking at operative actions.”

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    Re: Key Quartet meeting put off by a month

    And this is not a good sign. Not good at all.
    Peres asks to meet Obama to discuss stalled peace talks
    Peres also voiced disappointment over Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's statement on Tuesday that in any agreement, the Israel Defense Forces would retain control of the Jordan Valley.

    On his visit to Spain about two weeks ago, Peres said the dramatic changes in the Arab world made it imperative to make every effort to resume peace talks immediately