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  • Reminder concerning Copyrights ....

    Please remember that we are not permitted to copy whole articles (with a couple of isolated exceptions.) (Andy, jump in here, please. I know that World Net Daily is one of the exceptions.)

    Copyright law allows for BRIEF quotes, but only for illustrative purposes. The quoted material should encourage the reader to go to the original material and read it for themselves.

    In our use, you must ALWAYS provide a link to the original material.

    Never, Never, NEVER post any quote, no matter how brief, from material that comes from the Associated Press (AP.)

    None of us - nor all of us put together - have the financial resources to defend a copyright infringement lawsuit.


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    Re: Reminder concerning Copyrights ....

    The article posted was from a regular e-mail sent to me by a friend, no warning that it was from a particular URL so i figured it was ok, Sorry that a rule was broke and you must know no intention on my part was intented. I do apologize,