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As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

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  • As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

    Unrest spread across the Middle East and North Africa on Thursday as Bahrain launched a swift military crackdown on anti-government protesters and clashes were reported in Libya and Yemen.
    Troops in armored vehicles took control of the Bahraini capital after police firing buckshot and teargas drove out protesters hoping to emulate demonstrators who toppled veteran leaders in Egypt and Tunisia.
    It was the worst violence in the Gulf island kingdom in decades and a sign of the nervousness felt by Bahrain's Saudi-allied Sunni al-Khalifa royal family, long aware of simmering discontent among the country's majority Shi'ites.

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    Re: As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

    Obviously they are now saying this is the unrest we have been hearing about for years.
    The problem???? When everyone was predicting this they were also saying this would be alleviation or even avoided by the division of Israel.
    If I had to take a guess I would say this is the biggest contributor to the UN vote tomorrow.
    Never mind the games Iran is playing in hopes of pulling out of the unrest.


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      Re: As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

      One of the things that I find most intriguing are comments in articles about the Unions and intellectuals being the powerhouses behind the youth etc.
      And sometimes even leading the charge.
      The unions etc in 47 fought for Israel and now have flipped.
      Plus there is a power struggle in the US for the unions at a time you have a left winger in the WH.
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        Re: As Mideast seethes, three dead in Bahrain bloodshed

        I know your opinion again!!!!
        I have seen many speculations as to why the unions and the left supported Israel back then but personally the only one that makes sense to me???? They knew under Islamic culture(which is why they are trying to down the culture now???) there was no room for unions or the left, plus there would be no peace.
        Under what appeared to be left leaning Israelis at the time, the Palestinians would find the left and peace would break out. But it didn't happen that way as they didn't account for the belief in God or religion being more powerful.
        Something we are still seeing interwoven in there today.
        The right and where do they fit in all this? Along side the left.
        They have a core belief they share.
        Which is why the left looks like the right and the right looks like the left with only a few rebellious people on both sides. lol
        But just my guess.
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