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Interesting speech from Peres

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  • Interesting speech from Peres

    Israel can assist the US in dealing with the Iranian nuclear threat by achieving peace with the Palestinians, President Shimon Peres told Jewish leaders and academics from Israel and around the world Thursday.,7...973235,00.html

    However, in a more critical note, Army Radio also quoted the president as expressing his disapproval of American attempts to establish democracies in Arab states such as Iraq, saying that the question was 'where is the Muslim world heading?'"
    "I appreciate [former U.S. president George] Bush's attempt to expose them to democracy, but is that possible?," Peres asked, adding that it was "very difficult to come to a king and tell him to go to elections."
    "It would be like inviting a turkey to a Thanksgiving feast," the president said, adding he believed "Muslims should be able to choose their own path.