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Can somebody explain this?

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  • Can somebody explain this?

    High school students in france are RIOTING because the govt. wants to raise the retirement age from 60 to 62!

    Is this a case of "any excuse will do"? They just want to go act crazy and this is the excuse they chose? I don't get it.

    I'm 55 (almost 40 years closer to retirement than those kids are) and if I learned that the retirement age moved from 60 to 62 I would just say "hmm, that's a bummer". I wouldn't be incensed and I certainly wouldn't be upset enough to riot.

    Me thinks some labor "organizers" have to be behind this. I just can't imagine a group of high school students sitting around the lunch room dreaming this up on their own.

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    Re: Can somebody explain this?
    Imvho It is actually a battle of ideologies. Not a surprise how they would lean. There is fear in Europe the business elite, who they relate to the US elite, are winning control. Fear of the society it will produce.
    The perception the business elite got us in this trouble stuffing their pockets and now want us to do with less to save them.
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      Re: Can somebody explain this?

      Michael, you are right this is a case of " any excuse will do". I have worked with youth at church for years and I can tell you that the last thing kids that
      age are worried about is retirement. I will be 45 in a couple of months and it seems the are wanting to raise my retirement age again, if they do I guess I
      will protest by getting up and going to work the next morning.


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        Re: Can somebody explain this?

        I have to agree on this one "any excuse will do."

        With the rioting on the streets I'd bet trying to keep school in session is frustrating at best. Getting to and from school that is.

        I know that it was said on Fox News that unions demanded that their workers be present in the streets protesting.

        What a crazy world.

        On a side note for the past two nights on Glenn Beck he has been pleading with grandparents to come out of retirement, lol. He has asked them to consider rolling up their sleeves and help to educate their grandchildren. He would like to see people pull their kids out of the public schools and be home schooled.