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ANOTHER New World Order

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  • ANOTHER New World Order

    Iran and Venezuela are now in the "NWO" business. It's sooooo exciting!

    An AP article, so you've go to read it for yourself, but I suspect you can imagine the plot already...


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    Re: ANOTHER New World Order

    Interesting ehhh!
    Chavez doesn't believe some guy is going to rise from a well. The only thing they share is that the US not control the OWO. But worldwide acceptance of the new OWG is a given now. And the only debate is who will control it.

    Some of the smaller countries are fighting the control now. As this is their only chance. Some of the larger countries are willing to wait for the OWG to be formed then fight for control.
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      Re: ANOTHER New World Order

      AP so you will have to read it yourself but Chavez is now in Syria trying to counter the US control.
      All of Europe and North America are in this battle.

      Unfortunately it is settling Israel they see as the final puzzle piece to win the war. Oddly from the Bible we know there is something to this Israel thing.