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    Re: Christian Community

    Iss, I don't know if "Medi-Share" is the exact product or not, but I do know that in my state, and some other states, I'm fairly certain, this "product" was determined to be something of a scam by the state insurance commissioner, and shut down.

    In other words, in this state, the concept met the definition of an Insurance Company. But, it had not registered as an insurance plan, had not met the requirements for insurance plans, and most importantly - was not paying bills as it had told its members that it would.

    I'm certainly not jaundiced about this concept. Just reporting what happened with one of these plans here.

    I tend to think that any of these large plans would eventually be shot down by the powers that be. Health care will be a very local, very personal, very close to the vest kind of thing. JMHO.

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  • Issachar
    started a topic Christian Community

    Christian Community

    I'm starting this thread because of a few posts from here:

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    Originally posted by PlumBob
    Uhhh, she practicing for when Christians can't get medical care, is she? LOL....
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    Originally posted by Issachar
    Hey PB .. I may have started a thread on this matter some years ago .. not sure ... but about that "Christians" and "healthcare" comment ... (if I can't find a thread, I may start another) ... a thought I've held for some time now is that Christian doctors and Christians need to be figuring out some stuff ahead of time; that whole community thing that I know I've spoken of in the past along with others. The days are strange and getting stranger. But all that is for a regular thread ...
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    Originally posted by Glorify Him
    I also like your idea of a thread about Christians planning ahead--it would be very timely.
    I was prompted to start this when I got an email with a link to a video and site. When I watched it, it wasn't about exactly what I have in mind .. but I'm wondering if anyone here has heard of this "Medi-Share?" The video is only about one minute.

    I have to leave, but am looking forward to this thread maybe being a good discussion on the days ahead and how we should conduct ourselves as Christians; especially the community aspect.