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Cause Ricky Nelson Plane Crash Revealed

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  • Cause Ricky Nelson Plane Crash Revealed

    Cause Ricky Nelson Plane Crash Revealed
    You may remember the death of Pop Idol Ricky Nelson in a fiery airplane crash in Dec 31, 1985……. For years the cause was not released until now.
    Ricky’s twin sons were on talk radio last night 2/7/10 and finally shared the truth behind the disaster. Because of a gag order on the insurance settlement they were not allowed to speak up despite various ugly rumors of the event……

    What really happened was this. Their DC3 aircraft was equipped with the standard gasoline heater….. It was repaired along with several other things before the flight. The wrong size rubber washer was installed on the heater gas line. During the flight gasoline leaked out and filled up between the inner and outer hulls of the aircraft, finally igniting when it heater was ignited, started by the pilots. The plane was engulfed in flame by the time the plane crash landed…
    One of the pilots survived.

    The mechanic admitted on the witness stand knowingly installing the wrong sized rubber washer because they did not have the right size ……. The insurance settlement included a gag order keeping the family from talking about it.
    The family was to have been on the plane, but Ricky told them to take a commercial flight. One of his sons heard about the crash on the radio…….

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    Re: Cause Ricky Nelson Plane Crash Revealed

    Very sad. I don't understand their reasoning behind placing a gag order on information like that.
    siC, abiding love