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Are the Chinese foreclosing on us ?

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  • Are the Chinese foreclosing on us ?

    I dont know if this is an accurate report. If it is, it means imminent trouble.
    It seems the Chinese have a lein on our gold and want it NOW .......
    and are about to use the international ((wannabe)) court to start siezeing American assets around the world.........
    If true, this will be the prelude to a major confrontation/ war ....

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    Re: Are the Chinese foreclosing on us ?

    If true it will not lead to a war. (You don't have the money, power or ability to borrow from anyone else but China lol) That isn't the point if true. It will mean the end of any ideas the WH had of hanging on to currency power.The only weapon that has worked. Geither and others have been saying they want to propped up and restore to it's former glory, the dollar.(Still trying to hang on to power)
    A warning to Obama as he travels to Asia? Very possible.
    Once again jmvho
    The US was the only one with the power and money the last half century to build the OWG and convince everyone they had to join(Including Russia a few years ago)
    But they aren't goingto let the US have dominance/control through currency.
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