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North Korea Fires More Missiles

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  • North Korea Fires More Missiles

    N.Korea test-fires seven missiles
    North Korea test-fired seven missiles off its east coast on Saturday, South Korean officials said, in an act of defiance apparently timed for the US Independence Day holiday.
    And all this time I thought that talks would work.

    Condeming NK won't do a thing. Did you think that hurt KJII's feelings? Sanctions? The world will never allow sanctions to hurt. That would be inhumanitarian.

    We're going downhill faster than a California mudslide.

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    Re: North Korea Fires More Missiles

    He knows we have a President that is unwilling to defend the US because he doesn't care about America. All he cares about is the world agenda and that doesn't include a strong America.

    With the complete lack of regard for the US you have to wonder who all is getting NK's technology/weapons...and who else will snub the "mighty" US.