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Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

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  • Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace,7...741034,00.html

    Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

    US President Barak Obama sent a special message to Morocco's King Mohammed VI in which he voiced hope that Morocco could play a leading role in peace efforts between Israel and the Arab world.

    "I hope Morocco will be a leader in bridging gaps between Israel and the Arab world," he said, adding that King Mohammed could contribute constructive collaboration to achieve "a comprehensive peace that includes a two-state solution and an early resolution of the Arab-Israeli conflict."

    Obama described bilateral relations with Morocco as “historic”, and voiced willingness to work with King Mohammed VI to further reinforce them.

    ***King Mohammed VI of Morocco is chair of the Al Quds (Jerusalem Committee)

    The Committee is chaired by His Majesty King of Morocco.
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    Re: Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

    US President Barack Obama called Saturday on Arab nations to embrace the Saudi peace initiative and end the isolation of Israel in the Middle East.

    In his missive the King Muhammad VI, Obama emphasized his commitment to the establishment of a Palestinian state and said the country should help in strengthening the security forces in the Palestinian Authority and in restoring the institutions of governance there, so that a Palestinian sate becomes an attainable reality.

    In the letter, carried by the official Moroccan news agency, the US president called on Arab nations to politically and financially support the Palestinian Authority and to push for implementation of the Saudi initiative so that the Arab-Israeli conflict could be ended and Israel woul win the recognition of the Arab world.

    Obama expressed hope that the Africa country, as leader of the Al Kuds Commission, would contribute to cooperation between Israel and Arab states as a beginning of an all-encompassing peace agreement between Israel and Middle Eastern nations.


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      Re: Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

      King Mohammed VI urges Obama to help

      King Mohammed VI of Morocco sent a message of congratulations to U.S. President Barack Obama. In his message the King expressed to the American president on his own behalf and on behalf of the Moroccan people, his warmest congratulations and best wishes.

      "Just as your election, your appointment is a landmark event. Your choice for the presidency of your great country is the confirmation of the vitality and effectiveness of American democracy. It is also a strong expression of confidence placed in your person", the Moroccan monarch (pictured with Spanish King Juan Carlos) said.

      The monarch also called on President Obama to take an active role in the Middle East, where "intensified efforts" are called for "to reach a final, peaceful, comprehensive, just and lasting solution to the conflict in this region, that will end the tragedy of the Palestinian people and guarantee the right to create a viable independent state living in peace and harmony, with Israel."


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        Re: Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

        Morocco wants 'advanced status' with EU


        They described, on the other hand, as "successful" the 6th Euro-Maghreb dialogue session (5+5) with Mr. Moratinos explaining this success as being "the result of the consolidation of cooperation, dialogue, and the political commitment of 10 countries south and north of the Mediterranean, which aspire to a future within a close partnership."

        Spain has proposed to hold the next meeting of the 5+5 Dialogue at the end of the current year, Mr. Moratinos noted, adding that Morocco and Spain are working “hand in hand to give further impetus to this Dialogue.”

        Themed “ Dialog in the Western Mediterranean for the Mediterranean partners: consolidating regional integration and promoting reinforced cooperation," The two-day meeting is held under the joint Chairmanship of Morocco and Spain with the participation of Foreign Ministers from UMA member countries as well as their Italian, French, Portuguese and Maltese counterparts.

        UMA Secretary General and the European Commissioner for External Relations and European Neighborhood Policy attend the meeting as observers for the first time.

        Launched in Rome in 1990, the 5+5 Dialogue is an instrument for informal political dialogue aimed at promoting an effective dialogue between the foreign ministers of the countries concerned. To this end, they meet periodically each year to exchange views in order to find solutions to political and security issues of common interest.


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          Re: Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace

          Morocco is getting ready to train 45,000 new imams. Hmmmm ....


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            Re: Obama: Morocco can be 'leader' in Israel-Arab peace


            I just looked up King Abdullah VI on wikipedia and saw a picture of him meeting with GW Bush at the White House in April 2002 (in middle on the right hand side of the site)


            It was April 2002 that King Abdullah of Saudi Arabia introduced the Saudi/Arab plan for ME peace

            In June 2002 GW Bush introducefd the the ME Roadmap (essentially the same thing)