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  • EMP attack

    I was just reading this article on an EMP attack.

    It then struck me that at any given moment, roughly 5,000 planes are in the skies above the United States. What would happen to those planes in an EMP attack? They would lose all of their electronic systems. Would any plane in the sky at that time be in big trouble?

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    Re: EMP attack

    Not to mention what would happen down here on earth.
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      Re: EMP attack

      Originally posted by Rusty View Post
      Would any plane in the sky at that time be in big trouble?
      I have no doubt they would be in HUGE trouble. I'm not even sure they would continue to function at all. While the critical systems all have multiple backups in case of failure; to knock everything out at once...


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        Re: EMP attack

        For a look inside what could happen is an EMP did hit, there is this fiction series, (Christian) that I have read that is an eye opener. The author is Terri Blackstock and her book series is

        1. Last Light
        2. Night Light
        3. True Light
        4. Dawn's Light

        Her story is not about a man made EMP exploding over a certain part of the world, but a solar pulse that effects the entire world. Basically it acts in the same way where everything from electricity, to machines don't work. It's a story of one family's struggle with coping from being in upper middle class, everything going well, to struggling to learn how to survive..., food, water, garbage, chaos, and evil abounding.

        It's an easy read and you just can't put each book down once you start them.


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          Re: EMP attack

          I'll have to see it to believe it. They been talking about this "single EMP attack" for years. All based on a satellite failing because it flew through some residue of a high-altitude test. OK, *that* one failed. However, during many atomic tests, they had cameras running werew even some distance away, at various times, in ships and airplanes.

          Most of the military, as I understand it, have fiber-op backup, etc. True planes within a certain distance could see severe failures. Non fly-by-wire might be OK in the hands experiened pilots.

          But I think the idea that a single high-altitude (not that high) detonated over America would render the whole country at a standstill, electronically, is preposterous.

          More likely is a nuke put on a freighter that sails into NYC harbor, or Los Angeles, Long Beach, Houston, etc. And kaboom. An entire coastal city / major port is gone.

          And whoever "they" are, if they can do it to us, we can (and should) do it to them. For national security reasons.
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